Thursday, December 31, 2015


Colorado uses a caucus system to select delegate to district caucuses and beyond.  A friend just reminded me I’ve got to register my party choice by January 4 in order to participate.

What  party? I’m a Blue Dog Democrat. Go with the smug Country Club and/or Evangelical Republicans or the smug, holier than thou (P)regressive Democrats preaching from their assumed moral high ground? I do believe I will sit this one out. I live in one of the strongest republican counties this state has so, other than being an agitator, there isn’t much call for my participation.

Growing up in a very grass roots level politically active extended family, local politics was part of our lives. As an adult I stayed active. Circa 1980, Seattle area, I was a Republican Precinct Committeeman and a John B. Anderson supporter. This so infuriated the Reagan supporters they mounted a successful campaign to vote in one of theirs against me.  Really, at the precinct level?  My fault, of course. At the district caucus a large number of Anderson supporters, mostly new faces, were booed and derided. I stood on a chair and said, words to the affect, “Hey you dumb shits. You are guaranteeing we will be a minority party forever”.

After my crushing defeat (lost by seven or eight votes), went to the party headquarters and turned in all my stuff. Then stopped at the Democrat headquarters, picked up all the stuff, and became the Democrat Precinct Committeeman. Went  from lukewarm Chicken ala King at a Holiday Inn meeting room to drinking in a Harbor Island longshoreman bar.  Excellent parties with very friendly women. Oh, the agony!

While no longer living in the Colorado 4th Congressional District, I still contribute to Mike Coffman’s (R) campaigns. He is one of the few Congressmen fighting the Veterans Administration (and winning a few battles). He is passing up a good chance to become a US Senator to keep the fight going. Other than him, there isn’t any candidate, at any level, that gives me even the slightest “tingle”.

At the national level, want the loathsome Lightbringer gone and anyone but Shillary. Otherwise, in the words of the song, my give a damn is busted.

Yep, do believe I will just sit this one out. Vote, of course, but no caucuses. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sorry, Texas Panhandle

Feeling sympathy for all you folks in Texas and Oklahoma getting hammered by a blizzard. Hope you all are safe and warm.

Carry some ice melt in your car. Put a few handfuls on the snow in the direction you want to go. Easy one the gas. Two to four feet will get your momentum going forward and you should be able to make your destination.

Cheap Ways Bite Ass

Pulled the plug on my television four years ago but left the DVR player hooked up. Don't play video games. Rarely watch a movie. 

My gripe with TV is the 50% content, 50% advertisement, ratio. I'll be watching something that interests me when the ads start. By the time the program resumes I've lost interest.

Comcast is doubling (nearly) my high speed internet cost. In my little city, and old apartment building, options are limited. Not to mention I'm cheap. The greatest compliment my ex gave me, while living with my youngest, was to say, "You are cheaper than your father!"

So today I met the "bundle". For far less than I pay for Internet alone, I now get cable TV, "free" HBO, etc. Fuck me running!

The equipment is sitting in a spiffy red canvas bag next to the dusty TV. Hooking it up will mean reading instructions, putting batteries in a controller and bending, kneeling, finding tools, and where is the long power cord? Then the dreaded call to get everything "activated". Maybe I'll just put the spiffy red bag in the closet. 

Amazing, isn't it, that is cheaper for me to pay for stuff I don't want, to get what I do want, as a stand alone service. Wonder how many meeting hours were spent devising these plans?

In fairness, the young man who waited on me was professional, helpful, not full of himself, and didn't try to b.s. Were I still in the car business, I would have hired him away.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Firearm Sales

Best line I've read lately.

"We’re not protecting ourselves from the government, but in spite of them."

Just a small, personal, point. Unless referring to a smooth-bore, if I ever use the word "gun", send me off on a mile run with a full field pack.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Texas Comic Relief

We Coloradans do enjoy our visitors from Texas. Warning: Bad language.

Monday, December 14, 2015


Some grumpy old man ramblings.

Young cashier at a gas station had a piece of snot on her nose. Just before I mentioned it, realized it was some type of piercing. How is that supposed to be attractive?

Think my guardian angel might have a drinking problem.

At least once a day,  dodge some oblivious driver using their cell phone. Am I too harsh in wishing that phone was shoved up their ass?

Interstate highway, 18 wheeler in right lane doing 65 mph. Car ahead of me in the left lane doing 78 mph. As they pass the truck they slow down and just creep by the truck. WTF is up with that? Happens a lot.

Interesting view of Scottsbluff with a light dusting of snow.

One thing you will never see in the small city where I make my home. Synchronized traffic lights.

(P)regressive political beliefs and practices. Totalitarianism with a smiley face.

What my drive tomorrow will be weather wise. Oh, joy!

Made the mistake Saturday night of trying to patronize a store next to a bingo hall. Yikes, crazy drivers fighting for parking spaces.

Would Bill Clinton hit on Caitlyn Jenner?

Truth be told, I’m feeling good these days. Just like to bitch, whine, and complain. YMMV

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Assimilate? Not Bloody Likely

Today in line at Wally World was again reminded many immigrants have no interest in assimilating and, have no respect for our mores and social practices.

I was 2nd in line in the ten item or less line. Suddenly I was being shoved forward. This Somalia woman behind me was using her ass to push me forward so she could unload a full shopping cart on the belt. She did this several times. When the customer in front of me paid and moved off, I was able to move forward. Fortunately for her I won't hit a woman but the temptation to give her an elbow in the short ribs was strong. 

I see this over and over from Muslims, Eastern Europeans, and various Latinos. I wonder where their heads are at.

While not a world traveler, I try to understand the places and cultures where I am a guest. A little courtesy goes a long ways when on foreign soil, even in Canada and Texas.

(Just kidding Texans. Never have I been in an area where I was more 'preciated.)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Karma Bus?

Would it be karma for a former used car salesman to have all his computers (bought used, of course) crash at the same time?

If you aren't seeing comments or replies to emails it is because I'm offline. Assuming I can sell enough blood at the Plasma Center, should be back online sometime late Saturday.

Typing this at the public library. Decent computers but the filters don't let you see midget amputee tranny porn.

Maybe if I wasn't so cheap and had bought new and paid (shudder) retail I wouldn't be in this position.

Be back soon.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

High Plains Winds

This has been my life the past two days, only at 0400 to 0600. Each morning I go to WYDOT Travel Information. Last two days have had wind gusts of 65+ mph. One camera I always look at is stationed near Wheatland, WY, my first stop. The interchange is well lighted so I get a view of the windsock. When the picture looks like this I know the wind is so strong the camera is shaking.

Who needs street sweepers when you have a 40 mph wind blowing down the highway?

East of Henry, NE The Union Pacific track on the high trestle crosses the Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks. Here, empty hoppers are headed North to the staging area North of Douglas, WY on the UP. A loaded train is headed East on the BNSF. If the picture was better, you could see an train of empty hoppers headed West to Guernsey, WY.

Most mornings when I go through Morrill, NE I see this lady. She doesn't let the weather or temperatures stop her. Stooped over as she is, she has that walker zipping along. Wish I had the time to stop and talk with her.

One morbid aspect of these high winds is it keeps my sister, an insurance adjuster, busy.

Sometimes too busy. When she gets called out she goes no matter what the weather. Unless the roads are closed, she is rolling in her 4x4 F-150.

In 2005 I was headed East on I-80 in my Lincoln Towncar that got, on a good day, 24 mpg. I had such a strong tailwind I got 30+mpg. Just after I passed Wolcott Junction (MM235) WYDOT closed I-80 Eastbound to Laramie and Westbound from Laramie due to winds. At the Arlington Junction (MM272) was a sad sight. A brand new Chevy 3500 with a large, still attached, brand new fifth wheel camper was laying on it's side. A couple was standing beside it. They had stopped because of the wind and their rig was blown over while they were stopped. Quite possibly their dream had become a nightmare.

Word of advice should you be traveling in any kind of high profile vehicle or towing a trailer. If you see the wind warning signs find a motel and one of the abundant liquor stores and hunker down for a day or two.  

All I've got. My muse is still deployed.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today would have been my father's 92 birthday. Sadly, he passed at 64.

We had a strained relationship. What I most admire was at age 60 he started reinventing himself. It was as though he was taking each facet of his makeup and thoroughly examining it.Most parts he kept but some he discarded.

My biggest regret is we didn't have the time to reconnect and reestablish our relationship. My next biggest regret is my sons didn't grow up knowing him. He was an awesome grandfather. As an uncle and great uncle he influenced many nieces and nephews.

We don't get to pick our parents but, if I had that option, I would have picked him.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Incompetent Government Agencies - Surprised?

My muse has deployed somewhere with no announced  RTS. 

For your amusement, two examples of incompetency in action from one of my favorite sites.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Soldier Blues

One of my sons challenged me to write a blues song.

Woke up early  this morning
  My bunk out in the sleet.
Snored so loud last night
   No one could get to sleep.

Went to the barracks door
   No one would let me in.
Cold and wet and shaking
   That’s how my blues began.

Yes I’ve got them soldier blues
  Drafted off the  street
From beer and women and cars
   To wearing out my feet.

Someday I’ll lose these blues
   When I get home for good.
I’ll whip ol’ Jody’s ass
  And start living like I should.

Don't think I will give up my day job.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Not All Are Home

Thanks to all that work to keep us safe.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Renewable Energy Lies

Headlines proclaim Aspen CO to be the third US city to be 100% renewable energy powered. Well lad di da.

Reading somewhat closer, we find:

Aspen receives its wind energy from about four wind farms in Nebraska and South Dakota, Dolan said, adding that the city also uses energy from Ruedi Reservoir, Maroon Creek and Ridgway Reservoir, which is a hydropower facility near Montrose. Aspen Electric Utility serves about half the community………

In other words, Aspen produces 0% of it’s energy, it buys from other producers. They decide what producers to whom they write checks. That energy flows to Aspen through the same power grid that carries power generated by many coal plants. No coal or gas fired plant, no power, or not enough to power the ski lifts. Can you separate those flowing electrons by producer? Don’t think so.

Oh WSF, you are so cynical.

No shit.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Would Make A Maggot Gag

Prostitution Arrests
After a month long investigation of alleged prostitution in the Hill-N-Park area, a search warrant was obtained and executed on the evening of November 18, 2015 in the 4000 block of Yosemite Dr., in Greeley. During the execution of the search warrant multiple sexual aids and devices consistent with acts of prostitution, a large amount of money, drugs and drug paraphernalia were located.
The Weld County Sheriff’s Office arrested Evelyn Klages and Tena White as a result of the investigation. Images of the arrested individuals can be found at the bottom of this release.
Evelyn Klages (11/17/57) was booked on 2 counts of keeping a house of prostitution, pimping, 2 counts of prostitution and possession of a schedule two controlled substance.
Tena white (09/09/65) was booked for prostitution and possession of schedule two substance.
All charges are merely accusations until proven guilty in a court of law.
Anyone with information regarding this or any other crime is asked to call the Weld County Sheriff’s Office at 970-356-4015 or Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776. Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000 from Crime Stoppers.
From the Weld County (CO) Sheriff Facebook Page

How desperate would you need to be to patronize these two?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


These past two days have tuckered me out. Tuesday was 190 miles out of 490 miles in blizzard conditions. Today was a wind day with gusts in Wyoming of 65+ mph. All day was a “blizzard” of tumbleweeds blowing across the road with no way of avoiding them. Knocked a small 2x3” sensor cover off  the Prius.

Perhaps in the next four days will have enough energy to put up a good rant.
On a cheery note, a granddaughter is doing well in school and qualified for the Nation Junior Beta Club.

My daughter in law put it up on Facebook and I made an appropriate response. Then I put up my own post congratulating my daughter in law and son for supporting and encouraging my granddaughter. Too often we forget that good parenting leads to good human beings IMO.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oppressing the Oppressed

Lifted entirely from Colorado Peak Politics.

OPPRESSING THE OPPRESSED: CU Boulder Cancels Anti-Racism Rally Because Black Students Felt Silenced by Organizers

800px-BoulderCityscapeLiberal on liberal hate is so gratifying. Earlier today, the University of Colorado canceled a rally in support of the entire racist student body at the University of Missouri because (wait for it), the rally organizers were silencing the black students. It’s almost like feeding dog to attendees of a Humane Society gala. It’s so rich.
A rally planned at the University of Colorado this afternoon to protest racism and show support for the University of Missouri, where demonstrations led to the resignation of campus leaders this week, has been canceled after the event drew complaints from African-American students on campus.
The rally, organized by a CU sociology class called “Whiteness Studies,” was set for 3:30 p.m. today outside the student center. But when event details went public, leaders of CU’s Black Student Alliance said they had not been consulted and felt as if they were being silenced by the class.
On Facebook, one of the event’s organizers posted an apology to black students at CU.
“We acknowledge that we should have contacted (Black Student Alliance) to see what they were already planning with regard to Mizzou,” wrote Azabe Kassa. “While we understand that this does not excuse our actions, we learned a lesson in proper allyship. We still hope to work with (Black Student Alliance) to support your efforts and to stand in solidarity with black students.”
No, we have no idea what a class called “Whiteness Studies” actually teaches; although, the article claims that the students are studying “racial inequalities”.  The protest was meant to be in solidarity with those traumatized by the University of Missouri racism.  Oops.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Some-days They Don't Pay Me Enough

Sorry for the quality of the cell phone picture. First winter storm of the season. 280 miles of my 490 miles were on roads like this. First 170 were in the dark. FedEx and UPS long haulers were doing 45 mph.

This was eastbound on US 26 from I-25 (just North of Wheatland, WY).

Did I mention the wind? 30-35 mph and gusting.

Now to find some cheese to go with my whine.

My Aching Knees

A cousin has been battling MS for years. He was telling me the benefits of coconut oil and then sent me a book. OK, I'm open to alternative therapy.

For the past two weeks, I've added some coconut oil to my diet. Three days ago the pain in my knees diminished. Still there, but I can now walk without "cowboying up". Since I've made no other changes in diet or supplements, I'm giving credit to the coconut oil.

In the book, the author talks about coconut detoxifying the body and warns you may feel worse before you feel better. Says the process takes about a month. I hope he is correct as I'm not feeling at all perky.

Given how my knees feel, I'm going to continue with the coconut oil and hope the rest of the body stops feeling like I've stacked hay for a week.

When it comes to doctors, dentists, and medical procedures, I freely admit to being a gutless wonder.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fake Suicides

A coworker and I recently were discussing the threat of suicide as a manipulative tactic. A person in her circle recently went on a three day bender in the mountains after leaving a suicide note. After his vehicle became disabled, he started calling people for a ride.

This post is not making light of suicide. It is cruel and hateful toward the survivors and the meanest act I can think of under most circumstances. Those faced with incurable and debilitating health issues, to me, get a free pass. It is the fakers that get my scorn.

Basic Training, Ft Leonard Wood, MO, circa 1963 wasn’t a pleasant experience. My squad had the top floor of a dilapidated WWII “temporary” barracks with exposed studs and rafters. Two private rooms at the head of the stairs were occupied by Sergeants. One was from Cuba, and his command of English was marginal.

One of the trainees was desperate to get out of the Army. In that era of the draft, the institution wasn’t keen on letting anyone go. Wearing panties might have worked. His solution was to fake a suicide. He stacked footlockers, tied his tent rope to the rafter, fashioned a noose, and slipped it over his head. My buddy, Tom, had the bottom bunk and this joker the top bunk. Tom loathed the little pansy. Once the noose was in place, Tom kicked the footlockers from under the pansy who now was desperately trying to climb a small wax covered cotton rope. Enter the Cuban Sergeant. As he topped the stairs, he saw an entire two squads going about their business of shining shoes and writing letters as the pansy tried to climb the rope. Shouting orders in Spanish, which no one obeyed, he finally got the fool down.
Fast forward a few days. It is a Saturday night and the Sergeant was, as all good Sergeants of the day, getting buzzed at the NCO Club. The pansy cut one of his wrists (disregarding the, “It’s down the tracks, not across the tracks) and carefully hung his arm outside his bunk. Tom, sees this fool dribbling blood on Tom’s dust cover, jerks him from his bunk, and starts beating him. Poor Sergeant. Reaching the head of the stairs, he sees one soldier bleeding while getting his ass kicked. Of course, his arm was flailing, splattering blood all over. More excited orders, in Spanish, which we all ignored.

The pansy got hauled off never to be seen in our unit again. Tom was ordered to clean up the mess but we all pitched in. As a side note, after leaving the Army, Tom used the GI Bill to finish his education as a psychiatrist. Probably needed the “professional courtesy” as he wouldn’t have afforded regular care. Yeah, bat shit crazy. Since we were tight buddies, what did that make me?

With no disrespect intended to the sufferers of PTSD, saw a lot of fucked up people in the Army. The majority were fucked up before they joined. Some, the Army helped. Other didn’t change. One that comes to mind hung by his finger tips off the stern of the troopship taking us to Germany. Thought he was being funny. We all went through Combat Engineer training together and about nine of us ended up in the same company in Germany. 

Is there any way to spot the manipulative fakers from the real risks? I don’t know how.

The officers and senior NCOs that dealt with these jokers had my profound respect and sympathy. Once I became a squad leader, my solution was kicking their asses until they changed. Of course, some of them could kick back real well. My tactic, while officially frowned on, was often ignored by the powers that were. Fuck up my plans for the evening? No, maggot, fuck you.  Per my youngest son, such behavior` isn’t tolerated in today’s Army.

Their loss. I believe today’s soldier is much better than in my day (hey, it is a much smaller and select service today) but some of the toughness has been lost.

Sorry to ramble on. Where this post started, and where it ended up, surprises me. Hope you weren’t bored. Offended? Oh, well.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Semi Happy Camper

The holster ordered from Charter Arms arrived today. Fast service, no complaints but a grumble about $8.00 Shipping and Handling and postage of only $2.40.

I'm not happy with any amount of trigger exposed but a very firm tap gives a result as seen in the picture. Adjusting the Phillips head screw doesn't make any difference.

Can you lubricate these types of holsters? Any advice from readers will be gratefully appreciated. I've never owned or used a Kydex  holster. Perhaps some type of lube would help getting it further into the holster so no part of the trigger is exposed.

I like the way the holster grips my Wranglers even without a belt. Very secure riding on my more than ample hip.

Overall, I am pleased. One of the reasons I wanted to buy this from a local store was the probable need to do some minor adjustments for best fit and function. Guess I will just farm boy it.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Catering to a Constituency

Shillary bashes veterans! Defends the Veterans Administration. Blunder? Hardly.

Breakdown of employees of the Veterans Administration.

59.4% female
40.3% minority

Is this breakdown typical of Federal Civil Service in general?

Who does she regard as her core supporters? How about 2,800,000 Federal Employees? Supposedly there are around 26,000,000 veterans. That number is, to me, suspect. The American Legion has about 2,400,000 members in about 14,000 posts. In many places the VFW has merged their posts with the American Legion. I think most veterans are like me, 2, 3, or 4 years active duty and then out. Certainly not as motivated to vote as a block as Federal Employees still on the job.

She is sending a message to her core supporters that they are safe, that she won’t be “cleaning house”, and it will be business as usual under her administration.

What these folks don’t realize is she will throw them under the bus if she thinks it is politically expedient (after she is elected, of course).

Give her and Bill credit. They have taken graft and bribery to a level unprecedented in human history. Lying as an art form. 

Now I need an adult beverage, maybe several.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Old Steam Engines

I like old steam engines and stop and look at them when I have the time. Located in Gering, NE is a Baldwin 2-8-0 slowly falling apart. It served as a yard engine  for many years until it was pushed across from the depot into a city park sometime before 1970. 

When was it built,  I don't know. Baldwin built this type from around 1890 to around 1920. Innovative for it's time, it could move large loads but at a sedate speed. It has been sitting for 45 years and looks like nobody has kept it up. Something of a testament to the workmanship that went into it that is is still intact.

My interest in these goes back to being a railroader's kid for ten years. An early memory is three 2-4-4-2 Mallets on the D&RG pulling a long train of military tanks during the Korean war. Later, I got to ride in those Mallets used as helpers from Tabernash, CO to the West entrance of the Moffat Tunnel. Heck of an experience for a fifth grader.

Front Range Mountain Wave Rain Shadow

When the winds aloft are from the West and a lot of moisture is in the air, you get something looking like this picture. Not every day, and not for miles and miles, thankfully. Think of a wave breaking over a reef. The break here returns to ground about 40 miles East of the Colorado Front Range. The area from the base of the Front Range to where the wind returns to the Plains is called the "rain shadow". From the air you can see the ground going from green to brown.

Flying through this will give you a five to ten minute break from the tedium of your cross country flight.

Seasoned airline passengers in and out of Denver have a good reason to depart/arrive either very early in the morning or late at night. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

How Not To Build Your Business

For many reasons, I try to buy from local owned small businesses. I was in the market for a holster for my .44 Special Bulldog. Went to a local firearms store and asked them to order one for me. They were not enthused and never got back to me. Today, I ordered a holster directly from Charter Arms.

Big deal? No, this was a trial balloon. I wanted to see how they handled a small pain in the ass order.

Early next year I plan to make several firearms purchases as some financial dealings come to fruition. This store will not get my business. 

Most of my business life involved sales, customer relations, and building networks. I regarded any sale, no matter how small, as an opportunity that might never come again. I've no patience, nor confidence, in those who will blow off a small sale as not worth their time. What the fuck else do you have going Bubba? Oh yah, your game on your laptop is on pause. 

I should add the owner was present and could observe what was going on.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


What follows is a whining blog from a bitter clinger. You may wish to skip it.

Being interested in politics and the world my grandchildren will grow into, I read a lot of political “stuff” and Facebook postings. In addition, I try to maintain a circle of friends and acquaintances with different viewpoints. This from my belief you shouldn’t spend all your time with those who already agree with you.

What I’m hearing and reading from the women’s point of view is I’m irrelevant. We (women) are going to win, you (men) are going to lose, so just shuffle off somewhere Grandpa and shut up. Oh, but feel free to keep your wallet open so you can expunge some of the guilt we’ve assigned you.

Given the results of the last two Presidential elections, they may be right. As they savor their victory, they will ignore one of the founding principals of this country. That is protection of minorities (of any kind) from the tyranny of majorities. We are a Republic, not a Democracy.

In almost every situation where there is a winner and a loser, the winner, if wise, strives to keep the goodwill of the loser. It seems to me that our country has become a land of scorched earth, winners take all, and losers get fucked. I hear this loud and clear from Shillary's supporters. 

As sure as the sun rises, there will come a time when national unity will be needed for us to survive as a nation. My fear is national unity will never again occur. I can't see any President, current or now in the running, who has the stature to accomplish it.

As I look around, I realize the country I grew up in, worked and paid taxes, voted, served in the Armed Forces and all the other citizen’s punch card requirements is gone. What it is now is not something I can believe in. I’m rapidly reaching a point where I will look after me and mine and the hell with anyone else.

 That I can even contemplate that attitude saddens me more than I can express. I’ve always believed if you are going to bitch about a problem, you damn well should be able to offer a solution or just keep your mouth shut. I have no solution other than to continue to protest, vote for those candidates that pass my smell test, and rant on social media. YMMV

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sugar, sugar

Sugar beets are about as ugly a crop that you can find but a big part of the region’s economy. They are usually a rotational crop alternating with corn. Harvesting is a three step process. First, the green tops are mowed. Then a beet digger, usually pulled by a tractor, scoops them up and then they are hauled to the processing plant.

Years ago they were dug by hand and tossed onto wagons. Very labor intensive, and back breaking work. The Brush, CO High School still honors the effort with their official team name, “Beetdiggers”.

About 20% of the beet is sucrose which will yield 2-5 teaspoons of pure sugar after processing.

In the 1980’s sugar processing got hammered. A large number of processing plants were owned by the Hunt family. When they went bankrupt speculating in silver, many plants were shuttered never to operate again.

The remaining ones now stockpile beets which will last several months if properly mulched.

Being downwind from a beet processor in operation will clear your sinuses.

A few years ago I needed to take a mental health break from the car biz. My sister knew a man who needed a beet truck driver. I was hired and worked the harvest. Those that know me well know I should never be allowed in anything bigger than a one ton pickup. I have relatives who can back a triple through a needle but that particular gene passed me by. 

A double axle 30’ truck that scaled, loaded, around 48,000 lbs was a reach for me. Fortunately I never hit anyone or anything. Due to a faulty tailgate latch, I did scatter about 15,000 lbs of beets along a five mile path through Evans and Greeley, CO.

Next harvest I was back in the car biz. Surprisingly, the truck owner did contact me to drive again. Even more surprisingly, he remained friends with my sister.

Making my round this harvest season reminds me of that time. Yeah, a Prius is more in line with my skill set.