Friday, October 30, 2015

Semi Happy Camper

The holster ordered from Charter Arms arrived today. Fast service, no complaints but a grumble about $8.00 Shipping and Handling and postage of only $2.40.

I'm not happy with any amount of trigger exposed but a very firm tap gives a result as seen in the picture. Adjusting the Phillips head screw doesn't make any difference.

Can you lubricate these types of holsters? Any advice from readers will be gratefully appreciated. I've never owned or used a Kydex  holster. Perhaps some type of lube would help getting it further into the holster so no part of the trigger is exposed.

I like the way the holster grips my Wranglers even without a belt. Very secure riding on my more than ample hip.

Overall, I am pleased. One of the reasons I wanted to buy this from a local store was the probable need to do some minor adjustments for best fit and function. Guess I will just farm boy it.


  1. Replies
    1. Out of Pledge so used Endust. Much easier to draw and re holster but till doesn't sit where I want it. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Yep, pledge works as well as anything...

    1. Think I will end up with some minor Dremel work to get it where I want it.

  3. Never would have thought of furniture polish. I use a leather holster that fits my sidearm... ;-)

  4. Leather would be nice. Charter Arms offers a leather holster. Like many firearms owners, I have a box of holsters. I'm certain there are those who have several boxes.

  5. I like those holsters. I also like the one I have for my Glock. It's similar but different. ;)

  6. So far I am liking it but I want that last 1/8" of the trigger covered.