Monday, October 12, 2015

Professional Wrestlers

LL at Virtual Mirage
mentioned a professional wrestler he knew as a youngster. Started a trip down memory lane.

Downtown Denver once had the Stockmans Hotel, a large place that took up a city block. The “ballroom” was huge and was the venue for wrestling and boxing. It would seat upwards of 3,500.  Off and on during the 1960’s I worked security. Our job was mainly tossing out drunks.

One night two wrestlers who hated each other threw away the script and went at it for real. I think wives/girlfriends/mitresses were the cause of the hard feelings. They were pounding the shit out of each other. The promoter came running up to my partner and I.

“Get up there and stop them”, he ordered.

“Uh, hell no”, was our reply.

Finally there was a winner. After he left the ring, we willingly got in the ring and assisted the loser out to an ambulance. Weren’t we nice guys?

The only wrestler I remember from those days was Wahoo McDaniels, who also played for the Denver Broncos. A very nice gentleman but I wouldn’t have wanted to irritate him.
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