Wednesday, May 28, 2014

California Fleeing

Notified today one of my property inspection vendors I subcontract for is relocating to Montana. Not a big firm, but every river starts with a few raindrops. One less California payroll; one less source of tax revenue. This is an e-commerce business. How many more in the Golden (fleeced) State are contemplating the same move?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Demon Rum

What follows is my personal opinion. YMMV, and you need not even read it.

Getting drunk, and stupid, seems to be taken as a birthright by some people. They expect forgiveness, and tolerance, from those in their lives. They are resentful when they don’t receive it. They are the most selfish of all people. They suck all the joy of living out of the homes they inhabit.

I’ve no problem with the responsible consumption of alcohol. I drink alcohol nearly every day, a glass of wine at bedtime, which helps me fall asleep. On occasions, I will have a few drinks in a social setting. We are all free agents, and I don’t judge anyone who handles their consumption in a responsible manner.

Have I done stupid things under the influence that has negatively affected my life? Yes, and more times than I care to remember. Within my family, I’ve dealt with more problems than anyone should be forced to deal with. I’ve watched the helpless victims, children, suffer.

Some people get it. A young friend watched his father destroy his family life and business. He watched a brother go to prison. He saw himself going down the same path, and his young bride walking out. Deeply religious, he has used the AA program, and is well into his third year of sobriety. He has my total respect.

I spent thirty years in, or around, the retail automotive business. Excluding LEOs, I’ve dealt with more alcohol and drug abusers that most people. I learned to never, ever, completely trust a drunk. The question isn’t if, the question is when.

Coming back to the “birthright” theme, I remember a long conversation with a veteran Corrections Officer. He had worked in several of the prisons in the Colorado system. At the time, the prison near Trinidad, CO,  housed most of the inmates doing time for alcohol related offenses (multiple DUI, vehicular homicide, etc.). He said they were the worst class of prisoners to deal with. As I recalled, he said,

   “A thief or a murderer knows he belongs in prison. A damned drunk thinks he is being treated unfairly”.

He went on to compare them to sexual predators, that they don’t change, and won’t be “cured”. I think he may be exactly right.

I will continue to, “Hate the sin, love the sinner”, but I will never, ever, accept the behavior.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Taken from a Facebook posting by a long term resident of the People's Republic of Boulder, CO.

Yessir, can't admit that they, just possible, made a mistake.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pueblo Air Museum

Colorado has two outstanding military aircraft orientated museums. One I’ve visited several times is at the old Lowry Field in Denver.

The other, in Pueblo at the airport, I was able to visit last week. The airport was the site of a major B-24 training base.

Pueblo is the hometown of four Medal of Honor winners, two who attended the same high school.

What follows are about ninety photographs (taken by an amateur with a cheap camera). You have been warned. For all you aviation professionals, I was a Combat Engineer and a civilian only pilot. Cut me some slack, please.

Lets start with something for Murphy.

And something for old NFO.

Oh, yes. Can’t forget OldAFSarge. Bet he started his career with these. Sorry, they don’t have an F-4!

 The star, the B-29.

Always popular, the C 47/DC3


No Colorado museum can ignore Colorado built aircraft, the Alexander.

Sadly, for an old B-24 trailing base, this is their only B-24.

Some are still outside. B-47, C-119, P-2, F9F.

All kinds of ground vehicles.

Trainers. T-41, T-28, T-34, T-33.

Some infantry weapons.

A F-100.

How about  the F-86?

Tucked to one side, a F-8U.

Got to have some rockets.

F-104, F-5, F-80, A-5, and a favorite, the A-4.

Can’t forget the Coast Guard Convair HC 131.

The working end of a C-130.

Making things go.

Did I forget the F9F?

And this is?

Lots of displays of people and memorabilia.

This museum is an all volunteer operation. Think many of them are retired NCOs.

Admission for old farts is only $5. There are numerous donation boxes scattered among the exhibits for those who wish to make discrete donations.

A local Model A club was visiting.

Weather permitting, there will be a fly in 6/13 to 6/15 2014. They are expecting a B-29, among other aircraft.

Rocky Mountain Flower is the airport FBO. Their operation is within walking distance of the museum, and they will provide free shuttle service for those who need it. (719) 948-3316.

The airport is at 4700 MSL with a 10,000’+ runway. Pueblo gets hot, and your density altitude can easily exceed 10,000’. Ignore that at your peril!