Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Misplaced Child

Wyatt Earp has a post up about losing his daughter in a crowd. Even after thirty some years, I can remember the feeling. Horrible!

My  oldest is autistic. His particular problem seems to be centered around his hearing. As a toddler, he fought against entering any kind of store. Once, at a Bon Marche store in Salt Lake City, he disappeared. About thirty minutes later, one of the sales ladies found him under a display module. This module had shelving underneath to hold additional stock, and he had slid open one of the doors to climb inside.

One day he grabbed a pair of my ear muff protectors and wanted to wear them. Rather than argue, his mother let him wear them. He happily went into all the stores. Seems the little guy could hear the florescent fixtures, and the sound bothered him. After a few years, he discarded ear muffs and had no problem with stores.

I suppose some parents would have been uncomfortable with the looks from other people. Give my ex credit; she, along with me, didn't give a rat's ass what anybody thought about how our children were perceived by others. We were the ones raising them.
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