Tuesday, December 26, 2023

A Welcomed Foreign Invasion


Australian Invasion – Rare Earth

Two huge rare earth finds in Wyoming is bad news for China. An Australian based company has the mineral rights.


The video sparks a memory.

 My first job out of the Army in 1966 was as a roustabout on a core drill rig. We were drilling on the sides of Hahns Peak (Routt County, CO). Nothing ever came of it in terms of more mining. Hard, dangerous work. The rigs in the video look much safer than what I worked on but the cardboard boxes holding the core samples are exactly the same.

Unwelcome Tradition in the Making

Christmas Eve was disrupted at Peakview Trails by the firm alarms going off. They continued for 90 minutes. Someone’s careless cooking filled the 2nd floor with smoke.

Last Christmas Eve was very cold and the sprinkler system froze and pipes broke triggering the alarms. Added to the chaos were broken pipes in unoccupied apartments. We had three hours of continuous alarms.

With four floors, elevators not working, and most residents 70+, using the stairs at each end of the building is hard. Those in wheelchairs can only wait on the landings for firemen to carry them down.

Banners, and the other dogs, were scared. Finally, the alarms on the first floor were turned off. Someone came over to Banner and gave him some pretzels. He immediately calmed down then started working the crowd for treats.

Low Humor

What aren’t humorous are facts about the wolves that were released. Long article around the previous suspected domestic livestock attacks by the released wolves in Oregon suggests the people running the program are flat out liars.


Emperor Polis’ Holiday Gifts

Grants clemency to 28 incarcerated prisoners. If there is any interest the details are here.


These may, or may not, be justified. Who am I to judge? I would question if their victims were consulted first?


A viewpoint I find illuminating. Your opinion may differ.


Christmas Gathering

Again this year my sister and I were guests at a gathering in the home of DrJim and SLW (Every Blade of Grass). Pebbles, the Wonder Dog, greeted us warmly. Jim’s son has installed some stout handrails leading to the door which was greatly appreciated by mobility impaired Sisty and myself.

It was good to see DrJim on the mend and looking good. He has dealt with some major health issues in 2023 and we hope 2024 will see those problems behind him.

What a delightful couple!

Trump and the Colorado Supreme Court Ballot Uproar

I don’t have anything profound, or even constructive, to add. Colorado has four, maybe five, electoral votes so the Colorado Election, even if honest, has little impact on a national election.

As always, my hope is the (P)regressive’s mouths overload their asses and the blow back shit buries them.

Way Back Machine

The dealership had two of these inflatable cowboys. After the business changed hands Steve Lance, aka Little Hitler, tasked me with selling them. Here I am installing one at a Dodge Dealership in Wheatland, WY. These were a fixture at our offsite sales 2002-2006.


All these illegal immigrants flooding our country seemingly don’t want to assimilate. Has it always been this way? We are accustomed to people holding on to traditions while finding ways to integrate into the norms most people accept.

It is a complex issue with many sides to the story.


My sister, who has her whole life fought for the “underdogs” of all stripes, has been involved for decades with a community health organization that started some fifty years ago to help migrant workers get health care. Now the organizations serves everyone, including me. A win for the people!

Civil Insurrection/War

There is a constant talk on social media about a civil war in this country. How it will happen, if it will happen, and what forms it will take I won’t predict.

LL (Virtual Mirage) recommended “Hunting in the Shadows” by Michael Watson. I’m slowly reading the author’s account of his experience in unconventional war. While I see little correlation with our country (different cultural, different ethnic divides, etc.), I clearly see how ruthless and violent these types of wars become. Our snowflakes haven’t a clue.


Mine ebbs and flows. If you have come this far you realize my umbrage is flowing. So  goes the 2,300+ blog posts I’ve inflicted over the past ten or so years. For those of you tolerant enough to read my blog, hand salute!

As always, YMMV

Thursday, December 21, 2023

The Old Gray Mare

 Thoughts on Aging

Recently, discussing a subject with a young couple, I shared what old timers had to say about the subject. Suddenly it dawned on me that, to that couple, I am an old timer. That is not my mental image of myself.

Too often nowadays I am reminded that I am old. Eyesight, cognitive lapses, lost dexterity and slowed walk are daily reminders. Pain, not so much, since it has been part of my life since my thirties.

I’m not complaining. Life happens, deal with it. I’m grateful I can still work. My first paying job was at age 5 doing chores for a widow. I’ve been working all my life and am not sure I can ‘retire’, whatever that is.

In 2024 I will turn 80. On both sides of my family, if cancer doesn’t take them, relatives live into their 90’s and even 100’s. I don’t fear death. I do fear living in a care facility dependent on others for my well being. I want to control my destiny. Fate will win, but I can put up on hell of a fight!

Copied off Falsebook

It’s probably my age that tricks people into believing I’m an adult.

 Revolving Door

Over and over we read of illegal aliens who are deported and return, often many times. Here is an example.


Why be surprised? When they break the law to come here, why do we expect them to obey our laws while they are here? Or, assimilate?


Colorado political offices are firmly in (P)regressive hands and now the Colorado Supreme Court Justices (all registered Democrats) are blocking Trump from the upcoming election ballot. They made sure to disqualify write in votes.

There always comes a time when there is a need for unity and when that time comes the (P)regressives won’t get it. Human nature. If you shove people around, ignore their beliefs and rights, and push policies that literally take food off peoples tables, people will find ways to resist.

Want an extreme example? How about the US Army SP4 mafia? The leadership has all the authority. They can order whatever they want. Does it get done? Any of my readers who were/are officers, and don’t have their heads up their a**es, know how that works.

(Just to repeat I had/have the greatest respect for competent officers)

What pisses me off is the time and effort they devote to inconsequential or minor issues while ignoring big problems, such as crime/drugs/recidivists. Tough issues need effort. What we get is clown shows, sound bites, and photo ops.

An example is re-introducing wolves. Recently five wolves captured in Oregon were released in Grand County (County Seat Hot Sulphur Springs). Emperor Polis was there to assist (from a secure area). Outside of the trust fund snot enclaves, few rural residents of the Western Slope want wolves. Projected annual costs of this boondoggle? $800,000 annual. How many new prison transport vehicles would $800,000 buy each year? Colorado has killed more inmates in vehicle accidents than legal executions.

Will things change in Colorado? Doubtful, when the current GOP resembles something more like a Masonic Lodge than a political party, IMO. All bombast, but no dirty hands.

While the RINOs keep their hands clean, we can always count of the bat shit crazy Donkeys to keep things lively. 



Many years ago Colorado license plates became reflective. That helps drivers to see parked cars at night, if nothing more. Now the state, for more money (ya sure ya betcha) will give you a solid black, red, blue or green plate with white letters. They are popular. Not for me, I’ll stick with gives me even a small margin of safety.

I admire a cousin who works in the DMV Boulder County office and hasn’t gone postal. She does admit to having ugly thoughts about many patrons.

Stepparents (with a small step)

When my youngest married my daughter-in-law he had two children and she had two. She legally adopted both children after the birth mother’s parental rights were permanently ended. His daughter was so young DIL is the only mother she has known. What a tremendous job DIL has done!

We don’t always give credit to those who open their hearts, love and cherish a child, no matter who gave birth. That is commitment!


Car Biz Blues

I left the car biz in 2006 because the industry, particularly the lenders, was collapsing. The same thing is happening now. I don’t always agree with these two. In this video, I agree with about 85% of what they are saying.


From what I see and have experienced, I won’t be surprised if this collapse far exceeds 2006.

Bad jojo for some is booming business for others such as bankruptcy attorneys, repo operators, and paper hangers like me.

Advice, free, for what it is worth. If you are in a deep financial hole, talk to a bankruptcy attorney. Know your options.


 A personal note. During the Nixon presidency the economy was in shambles. Among other bad moves, he was able to take us off the gold standard and allow the Federal Reserve to start printing money. The construction industry, where I was deeply involved, especially suffered. Finally, I took out bankruptcy, but with a twist. I found a book, “Bankruptcy for Fun and Profit”. Following the author’s advice,  along with  a glorious six month period when the federal government was partially shut down (including the bankruptcy courts), used ways to stay under bankruptcy protection for nearly two and a half years. No house payments, no car payments, monies moved to an Alberta private company, etc. The lenders had fits and my first lawyers quit on me.  Things were tough and I worked several different jobs but we had a roof over our heads, food on the table, vehicles to drive, etc. In the aftermath I learned how to live without credit and have stayed out of debt.

Summary: Negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate! Better to be an asshole than a victim.

Bovine Literacy?


First day of winter and the forecast today is 60°. Last year we had a lot of snow and sub zero temperatures.

As always, YMMV

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Must Work Harder, Falling Behind

Cot next to the stove

Both LL and LSP are trying to secure a better cot location in the upcoming education relocation camp. Hopefully, this blog will elevate my status among Deplorables. Likely it won’t matter as there won’t be fuel for the stove.

Just shoot them

I come from a long line of subsistence poachers and have no problems with the practice. Killing for profit/thrill? Leave the carcasses out in the open to feed scavengers.

Green Energy Red Rage

How dare you question my privilege? But, we both are privileged!


Behavioral ‘Science’

Long wordy paper on how to control people and make them like it.


IMO, the nugget, in case you want to skip the whole thing, is this:

The most strongly supported claims were the importance of interventions to combat misinformation and polarization, which proved to be vital for ensuring adherence to public health guidelines

Green Energy

Lifted from a Facebook Posting. So far, the false checkers haven’t jumped the shark. Is it true? You decide.

From a STEPHENVILLE resident, George Franklin:

I should start by telling you what bonafides I have for writing this. I am a retired aerospace engineer. A literal rocket scientist if you will. I worked on MX (Peacekeeper) Space Shuttle, Hubble, Brilliant Pebbles, PACOSS, Space Station, MMU, B2, the Sultan of Brunei's half billion dollar private 747 with crystal showers, gold sinks and 100 dollar a yard coiffed silk carpets. I designed a satphone installation on prince Jeffry's 757. I did all of the design work for the structure of Mark 1V propulsion module currently flying on at least 3 spacecraft that I know of. Some of the more exciting projects I have worked on are not shareable. My personal projects include a spin fishing reel with a 4.5 inch spool which is entirely my own designed, machined and assembled. It has 2 features that are patentable. A unique true flat level wind and a unique line pickup mechanism. I am also am FAA certified glider pilot and FAI certified gold glider pilot. I fly both full scale and model sailplanes. I am Microsoft certified and ComTIA A+ certified.

Solar panels are at best about 20% efficient. They convert almost 0% of the UV light that hits them. None of the visible spectrum and only some of the IR spectrum. At the same time as they are absorbing light they are absorbing heat from the sun. This absorbed heat is radiated into the adjacent atmosphere. It should be obvious what happens next. When air is warmed it rises. Even small differences in ordinary land surfaces are capable of creating powerful forces of weather like thunderstorms and tornadoes. These weather phenomena are initiated and reinforced by land features as they are blown downwind. It is all too obvious to me what will happen with the heat generated by an entire solar farm. Solar farms will become thunderstorm and tornado incubators and magnets.

Solar panels are dark and and they emit energy to the space above them when they are not being radiated. This is known as black-body radiation. Satellites flying in space use this phenomenon to cool internal components. If they didn't do this they would fry themselves.

So solar farms not only produce more heat in summer than the original land that they were installed on, but they also produce more cooling in winter, thus exacerbating weather extremes.

So I conclude with this. There is nothing green about green energy except the dirty money flowing into corrupt pockets.

There is no such thing as green energy. The science doesn't exist. The technology doesn't exist. The engineering doesn't exist. We are being pushed to save the planet with solutions that are worse than the problems.

Animal Cruelty?

Each Christmas my neighbor puts out cookies. The location is too high for Banner plus he isn’t allowed to take anything off a table (unless my back is turned). He nearly wears out his nose as he stares at the unreachable morsels. Sorry Banner, those cookies are not good for you and fuels your fart factory.

Cell Phone Preparations

Being prone to dropping things, my cell phone is in a protective case (red in color so I can find it). Inside the case are two $20 bills and a sim card key. Removing the card and re-inserting it resets the phone. Cash, if needed to make a gasoline or other needed purchases if a credit card won’t work. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

Climate Denier

A long article about climate change and government manipulation of data. Cliff Notes: Figures don’t lie, liars figure.



Banner and I stepped out of the elevator in time to see two Coroner employees wheeling a neighbor in a body bag to the elevator. I didn’t know the lady well and don’t know the circumstances of her passing.

I was again reminded there are many very unpleasant  jobs and we all should be grateful that others are willing to do them. Great respect here.

People I admire for the Jobs They Do


Once in awhile I can of/sort of agree with a Democrat.

Right to Repair reform edition.


Death by Small Cuts?

The complete list of the 380 laws passed by the last session of the Colorado Legislators. Granted, many are ‘housekeeping’ but not all.


Copied from another blogger. I like it.

As always, YMMV

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Stupid is as Stupid Does



Those who know me well know I’m dangerous pulling trailers but even I wouldn’t pull this stunt.

Back in the day I managed to dent two new Kias while turning a corner pulling a 40’ gooseneck flatbed trailer. The store owner angrily told me I was paying the deductible, twice, because two cars were involved. $1,000 gone in the wind. That same month a lender kicked back a deal on a used truck where I made an $820 commission. That was in 2002 and the memory is still clear.

Israel fighting Hamas

TBN Israel YouTube Channel is my go to source for real information. They might not cover the ‘Big Picture’ but real from the ground information not controlled by Media Maggots.

Blogging is sparse as the muse is mainly AWOL.

As always, YMMV

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Ain't It a Bitch?


When you get older

   *You appreciate a nice handrail

   *You don’t get on the floor or ground without a plan to get up

   *Other people’s opinions matter, but not to you

   *Your tech skills ended with programming punch card sorters

   *Nobody calls or comes to your door until you are in the shower

   *Very few things are worth standing in lines

   * The words “Dude”, “Awesome”, and “Robust” irritate you

   *Someone stealing the grocery store motorized cart to go three

     blocks to the bus stop doesn’t surprise you

   *Doing routine tasks involving fingers often provoke ugly words

   *Many potential relationship candidates have enough red flags for a

      May Day Parade

Not too bad for age 79.

 Wokey, wokey Falsebook aka Meta

Scary tank collection.


The question is why? Perhaps the false checkers have a bias against any military history?

 What Could Go Wrong?

I envy this man’s wordsmith.


The Sky is Falling!!!

Oregon State University bloviates.


Why I Skip MacDonald’s

I don’t like vending machines. This is America and companies can run their business as they see fit. Also, in America, grumpy old Latter Day Luddites can vote their wallets as they see fit.

As always, YMMV

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Gaia Keeps Turning


Several bloggers on the sidebar have a much better insight about the world and current events. I urge you to read them. As for myself, I’m hunkering down and focusing on local stuff.


Your opinion on who has benefited by ‘Build Back Better’ may differ from mine but at the local, micro economic level, I can say with certainty the car biz sucks. The reason these vehicles are in this storage lot instead of the company retail lots is the retail lots are full of vehicles that are not being sold.

 Friends still in the biz tell me the auction houses are severely limiting the number of vehicles they will accept because they are full and what is there are not getting sold.


Enjoying the new cover on ‘his’ futon. The last one lasted about six months. This one is waterproof and seems to be of more durable material.

Ho, Ho, Ho

The management provides an artificial Christmas tree for each floor. The residents then decorate the tree. My one and only contribution is to un-box and erect the tree. After the season is over and the decorations put away, I take the tree apart and re-box it.

Interact with several senior ladies deciding how to decorate? I would rather have a full time job herding cats.

Some residents add their own decorations around their doors.

Mine isn’t as elaborate.

We had a nice breakfast this morning with friends and family at the Evans, CO VFW. Larger crowd than usual. Lots of carbs and saturated fats.  Ymm!

As always, YMMV