Sunday, December 3, 2023

Gaia Keeps Turning


Several bloggers on the sidebar have a much better insight about the world and current events. I urge you to read them. As for myself, I’m hunkering down and focusing on local stuff.


Your opinion on who has benefited by ‘Build Back Better’ may differ from mine but at the local, micro economic level, I can say with certainty the car biz sucks. The reason these vehicles are in this storage lot instead of the company retail lots is the retail lots are full of vehicles that are not being sold.

 Friends still in the biz tell me the auction houses are severely limiting the number of vehicles they will accept because they are full and what is there are not getting sold.


Enjoying the new cover on ‘his’ futon. The last one lasted about six months. This one is waterproof and seems to be of more durable material.

Ho, Ho, Ho

The management provides an artificial Christmas tree for each floor. The residents then decorate the tree. My one and only contribution is to un-box and erect the tree. After the season is over and the decorations put away, I take the tree apart and re-box it.

Interact with several senior ladies deciding how to decorate? I would rather have a full time job herding cats.

Some residents add their own decorations around their doors.

Mine isn’t as elaborate.

We had a nice breakfast this morning with friends and family at the Evans, CO VFW. Larger crowd than usual. Lots of carbs and saturated fats.  Ymm!

As always, YMMV


drjim said...

I don't "report" on things I have little to no direct involvement in, because that's not "reporting". It's being another bloviating person with an opinion, and we know about opinions.

Driving past the local Jeep dealer reveals what appear to be a lot of leased cars that were turned in. Two-years old, loaded, generally low mileage, and looking all shiny-pretty and detailed out. The depreciation on those models is staggering. Cars that sold new in the high 60's are on the lot for under $40k.

The Chevy dealer had lots of nice trucks, and finally has two new Corvettes in stock. The Toyota dealer was loaded up on Highlanders and 4Runners, along with a nice selection of Tacos. Didn't see any Supras, but maybe I'll see what they have on line!

Pebbles has the original blanket she came with from the shelter, and her original dog bed. She's got it broken in "just right".

Nice to see the decorations. We have 90% of ours up (SLW starts the day after Thanksgiving), and I really enjoy the lights.

Thinking said...

This is both WRONG, and UNACCEPTABLE: Biden’s Department of Justice Fines a Tennessee CHRISTIAN Trucking Company $700,000 for Requiring Workers to Disclose Legal Status.
This is flat out wrong what this illegal administration is doing to this Christian company. Remember this folks. This is a Typical Democratic Nazi move, OBEY or be PUNISHED!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I enjoy the lights; just not the work!

In a recent conversation with a used car dealer I respect, he said this current environment is the most difficult he has faced in his many years in the business.

That trucking company may have insurance requirements that require knowing legal status of employees. I wonder how an illegal can obtain a CDL?

Old NFO said...

Yep, that time of year... I got my 1 foot tall tree out, dusted it off, and put it on the mantle. I'm done. Good news on Banner's new cover! Dog claws ARE hard on most covers other than straight canvas.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Good that you don't overdo the decorating.

Anonymous said...
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