Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Stupid is as Stupid Does



Those who know me well know I’m dangerous pulling trailers but even I wouldn’t pull this stunt.

Back in the day I managed to dent two new Kias while turning a corner pulling a 40’ gooseneck flatbed trailer. The store owner angrily told me I was paying the deductible, twice, because two cars were involved. $1,000 gone in the wind. That same month a lender kicked back a deal on a used truck where I made an $820 commission. That was in 2002 and the memory is still clear.

Israel fighting Hamas

TBN Israel YouTube Channel is my go to source for real information. They might not cover the ‘Big Picture’ but real from the ground information not controlled by Media Maggots.

Blogging is sparse as the muse is mainly AWOL.

As always, YMMV


LSP said...

Ha! I once crashed a golf cart into a senior priest's Toyota. That cost a grand, annoyingly.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, there IS an 'art' to pulling long trailers...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I may have driven a golf cart two or three times on a car lot. If memory serves, I didn't crash.

Whatever it takes, I don't have it. As Clint Eastwood characters often said, "A man should know his limitations".

Wild, wild west said...

I once backed over a brand-spankin' new "Smoky & The Bandit" Trans Am during my oilfield trash truck-driving days. Took out one side from snout to tail. Ooopsie!

Top that, the rest of you.

When you get forced into taking one for the team, is there really a team? Nope. Those of us who've worked on commission know you ALWAYS remember the commissions you got screwt out of. As well as the ones you have to share with some lazy bastidge who contributed nothing to the sale except pressing his lips to the sales manager' know the rest of it.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The late Artie Pruitt snaked me twice. We were having a spirited conversation in the back of the bullpen when the head lot attendant and my youngest son, junior lot attendant, happened by.
Surprisingly, neither of them saw a thing.

Later Artie was working at Kirkland Ford. While talking to a couple on the showroom floor he collapsed. Drama, ambulance, etc. Never came to and passed away three days later. Another salesman stepped in and helped the customers who ended up buying a car. The question arose, was Artie entitled to half the deal? Answer was no. He failed to turn the customer through the desk and lot dropped them.

Proud Member of the FJB/LGB Community said...
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Wild, wild west said...

WSF, some people are so crooked they can't be buried, they have to be screwed into the ground.

Well Seasoned Fool said...