Thursday, December 21, 2023

The Old Gray Mare

 Thoughts on Aging

Recently, discussing a subject with a young couple, I shared what old timers had to say about the subject. Suddenly it dawned on me that, to that couple, I am an old timer. That is not my mental image of myself.

Too often nowadays I am reminded that I am old. Eyesight, cognitive lapses, lost dexterity and slowed walk are daily reminders. Pain, not so much, since it has been part of my life since my thirties.

I’m not complaining. Life happens, deal with it. I’m grateful I can still work. My first paying job was at age 5 doing chores for a widow. I’ve been working all my life and am not sure I can ‘retire’, whatever that is.

In 2024 I will turn 80. On both sides of my family, if cancer doesn’t take them, relatives live into their 90’s and even 100’s. I don’t fear death. I do fear living in a care facility dependent on others for my well being. I want to control my destiny. Fate will win, but I can put up on hell of a fight!

Copied off Falsebook

It’s probably my age that tricks people into believing I’m an adult.

 Revolving Door

Over and over we read of illegal aliens who are deported and return, often many times. Here is an example.


Why be surprised? When they break the law to come here, why do we expect them to obey our laws while they are here? Or, assimilate?


Colorado political offices are firmly in (P)regressive hands and now the Colorado Supreme Court Justices (all registered Democrats) are blocking Trump from the upcoming election ballot. They made sure to disqualify write in votes.

There always comes a time when there is a need for unity and when that time comes the (P)regressives won’t get it. Human nature. If you shove people around, ignore their beliefs and rights, and push policies that literally take food off peoples tables, people will find ways to resist.

Want an extreme example? How about the US Army SP4 mafia? The leadership has all the authority. They can order whatever they want. Does it get done? Any of my readers who were/are officers, and don’t have their heads up their a**es, know how that works.

(Just to repeat I had/have the greatest respect for competent officers)

What pisses me off is the time and effort they devote to inconsequential or minor issues while ignoring big problems, such as crime/drugs/recidivists. Tough issues need effort. What we get is clown shows, sound bites, and photo ops.

An example is re-introducing wolves. Recently five wolves captured in Oregon were released in Grand County (County Seat Hot Sulphur Springs). Emperor Polis was there to assist (from a secure area). Outside of the trust fund snot enclaves, few rural residents of the Western Slope want wolves. Projected annual costs of this boondoggle? $800,000 annual. How many new prison transport vehicles would $800,000 buy each year? Colorado has killed more inmates in vehicle accidents than legal executions.

Will things change in Colorado? Doubtful, when the current GOP resembles something more like a Masonic Lodge than a political party, IMO. All bombast, but no dirty hands.

While the RINOs keep their hands clean, we can always count of the bat shit crazy Donkeys to keep things lively. 



Many years ago Colorado license plates became reflective. That helps drivers to see parked cars at night, if nothing more. Now the state, for more money (ya sure ya betcha) will give you a solid black, red, blue or green plate with white letters. They are popular. Not for me, I’ll stick with gives me even a small margin of safety.

I admire a cousin who works in the DMV Boulder County office and hasn’t gone postal. She does admit to having ugly thoughts about many patrons.

Stepparents (with a small step)

When my youngest married my daughter-in-law he had two children and she had two. She legally adopted both children after the birth mother’s parental rights were permanently ended. His daughter was so young DIL is the only mother she has known. What a tremendous job DIL has done!

We don’t always give credit to those who open their hearts, love and cherish a child, no matter who gave birth. That is commitment!


Car Biz Blues

I left the car biz in 2006 because the industry, particularly the lenders, was collapsing. The same thing is happening now. I don’t always agree with these two. In this video, I agree with about 85% of what they are saying.


From what I see and have experienced, I won’t be surprised if this collapse far exceeds 2006.

Bad jojo for some is booming business for others such as bankruptcy attorneys, repo operators, and paper hangers like me.

Advice, free, for what it is worth. If you are in a deep financial hole, talk to a bankruptcy attorney. Know your options.


 A personal note. During the Nixon presidency the economy was in shambles. Among other bad moves, he was able to take us off the gold standard and allow the Federal Reserve to start printing money. The construction industry, where I was deeply involved, especially suffered. Finally, I took out bankruptcy, but with a twist. I found a book, “Bankruptcy for Fun and Profit”. Following the author’s advice,  along with  a glorious six month period when the federal government was partially shut down (including the bankruptcy courts), used ways to stay under bankruptcy protection for nearly two and a half years. No house payments, no car payments, monies moved to an Alberta private company, etc. The lenders had fits and my first lawyers quit on me.  Things were tough and I worked several different jobs but we had a roof over our heads, food on the table, vehicles to drive, etc. In the aftermath I learned how to live without credit and have stayed out of debt.

Summary: Negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate! Better to be an asshole than a victim.

Bovine Literacy?


First day of winter and the forecast today is 60°. Last year we had a lot of snow and sub zero temperatures.

As always, YMMV


Old NFO said...

Congrats to the steps! Staying with the schooling and graduating is well worth it and something to be proud of! The rest, yeah, we're dinosaurs... But still functional!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Functional. Excellent way to describe our status.

LSP said...

Excellent Gold point.

And yes, you're far too mean to die, obvs.

Wild, wild west said...

Very good steps, somebody has been doing their job, is encouraging.

The other steps (get out of debt and stay out) are also commendable. I don't believe in every single thing Dave Ramsey teaches, but he's on to something.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

You express politely what others have said but not politely.

Granddaughter's birthday yesterday. She called last night and we had a great, and long, visit.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Sorry, LSP. I have one of LL's books nearby.

LSP said...