Thursday, December 7, 2023

Ain't It a Bitch?


When you get older

   *You appreciate a nice handrail

   *You don’t get on the floor or ground without a plan to get up

   *Other people’s opinions matter, but not to you

   *Your tech skills ended with programming punch card sorters

   *Nobody calls or comes to your door until you are in the shower

   *Very few things are worth standing in lines

   * The words “Dude”, “Awesome”, and “Robust” irritate you

   *Someone stealing the grocery store motorized cart to go three

     blocks to the bus stop doesn’t surprise you

   *Doing routine tasks involving fingers often provoke ugly words

   *Many potential relationship candidates have enough red flags for a

      May Day Parade

Not too bad for age 79.

 Wokey, wokey Falsebook aka Meta

Scary tank collection.


The question is why? Perhaps the false checkers have a bias against any military history?

 What Could Go Wrong?

I envy this man’s wordsmith.


The Sky is Falling!!!

Oregon State University bloviates.


Why I Skip MacDonald’s

I don’t like vending machines. This is America and companies can run their business as they see fit. Also, in America, grumpy old Latter Day Luddites can vote their wallets as they see fit.

As always, YMMV


Sassy Irish Lassy said...

It’s Incredible , that Joe Biden STILL insists he never discussed business with Crack-Head Hunter!
I guess that he knows that so many of his Stupid supporters are as Dumb as Dogshit, and will believe this outrageous
Cock N’ Bull Story!
And he never communicated with any of Hunter's business associates. Those 1,000+ emails to Hunter's associates must have been by His Evil Twin
Many of them are right here on these Blogs.
It’s just Unbelievable how ignorant this bumbling stuttering moron is. That he actually thinks anybody would believe his BS. I've actually met some dogshit that was smarter than a Biden supporter. But Joe has given his statement on live TV; he is on record calling it all a bunch of lies despite the fact that there is mountains of proof, witnesses and testimony proving him a liar.
But yesterday we saw Joe taking press questions as usual with the Back of His Head as He Walks Away. Trying desperately to find his way off the potioum.. If you look closely, you can even see the 3.5mm mini jack port on the back of his head where his handlers connect to feed him his taped answers to questions.
Maybe if you promise Corrupt Joe an extra Ice-cream Cone he'll say whatever you want him to!
The failure of the media to press him on these LIES is even more remarkable than the spinelessness of the Washington press. Maybe if Letitia James was on the case he’d be more likely to answer her questions!

Wild, wild west said...

Much more truth than humor in that list, sir.

Once in a great while, if I'm famished in the morning and not at home, I'll go to McDonalds for a couple sausage biscuits. But normally that urge can be suppressed if I put my mind to it. Haven't been a fan of their food in several decades.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The reason behind the picture was Mr. Bladder. I needed a restroom. As a personal policy, if I use a business's facility, I will spend money there even if it is loose change. One look at that maze and I left.

Edgetho said...

So, the smartest guy that Joey Biden knows just got hit with Nine New Criminal Charges!
When Joey screams against "The Rich Not Paying Their Fair Share", He’s talking about his own Son Hunter, right?
Check out just a few of these FUN things that Hunter spent his money on instead of paying his taxes!
Hunter Biden made instead of paying his taxes, per prosecutors

- $683,212 to "Various Women”
- $397,530 on "Clothing and Accessories"
- $188,960 on "Adult Entertainment"
-$214, 923 on “Restaurants”
-1,664,005 on Cash Withdrawals”
-71,869 on “Drugs, and Booze”
And this is only a part of it.
So this is "...My Son Hunter, Who’s the Smartest Guy I Know."

Old NFO said...

That's damned good BP! And yes, older, grumpier, and more prone to vote with our feet is true, along with that entire list of things!!!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Should have added I can spot a port-a-potty like I used to spot deer.

Wild, wild west said...

McDonalds have served as my porta-potty for many years now, as Mrs. would cheerfully confirm. Is about all they're good for.

LSP said...

Dude, what an awesome post!

And yes, our linguistic devolution is annoying.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Dude?? Thank you anyway for the kind comment.