Tuesday, December 26, 2023

A Welcomed Foreign Invasion


Australian Invasion – Rare Earth

Two huge rare earth finds in Wyoming is bad news for China. An Australian based company has the mineral rights.


The video sparks a memory.

 My first job out of the Army in 1966 was as a roustabout on a core drill rig. We were drilling on the sides of Hahns Peak (Routt County, CO). Nothing ever came of it in terms of more mining. Hard, dangerous work. The rigs in the video look much safer than what I worked on but the cardboard boxes holding the core samples are exactly the same.

Unwelcome Tradition in the Making

Christmas Eve was disrupted at Peakview Trails by the firm alarms going off. They continued for 90 minutes. Someone’s careless cooking filled the 2nd floor with smoke.

Last Christmas Eve was very cold and the sprinkler system froze and pipes broke triggering the alarms. Added to the chaos were broken pipes in unoccupied apartments. We had three hours of continuous alarms.

With four floors, elevators not working, and most residents 70+, using the stairs at each end of the building is hard. Those in wheelchairs can only wait on the landings for firemen to carry them down.

Banners, and the other dogs, were scared. Finally, the alarms on the first floor were turned off. Someone came over to Banner and gave him some pretzels. He immediately calmed down then started working the crowd for treats.

Low Humor

What aren’t humorous are facts about the wolves that were released. Long article around the previous suspected domestic livestock attacks by the released wolves in Oregon suggests the people running the program are flat out liars.


Emperor Polis’ Holiday Gifts

Grants clemency to 28 incarcerated prisoners. If there is any interest the details are here.


These may, or may not, be justified. Who am I to judge? I would question if their victims were consulted first?


A viewpoint I find illuminating. Your opinion may differ.


Christmas Gathering

Again this year my sister and I were guests at a gathering in the home of DrJim and SLW (Every Blade of Grass). Pebbles, the Wonder Dog, greeted us warmly. Jim’s son has installed some stout handrails leading to the door which was greatly appreciated by mobility impaired Sisty and myself.

It was good to see DrJim on the mend and looking good. He has dealt with some major health issues in 2023 and we hope 2024 will see those problems behind him.

What a delightful couple!

Trump and the Colorado Supreme Court Ballot Uproar

I don’t have anything profound, or even constructive, to add. Colorado has four, maybe five, electoral votes so the Colorado Election, even if honest, has little impact on a national election.

As always, my hope is the (P)regressive’s mouths overload their asses and the blow back shit buries them.

Way Back Machine

The dealership had two of these inflatable cowboys. After the business changed hands Steve Lance, aka Little Hitler, tasked me with selling them. Here I am installing one at a Dodge Dealership in Wheatland, WY. These were a fixture at our offsite sales 2002-2006.


All these illegal immigrants flooding our country seemingly don’t want to assimilate. Has it always been this way? We are accustomed to people holding on to traditions while finding ways to integrate into the norms most people accept.

It is a complex issue with many sides to the story.


My sister, who has her whole life fought for the “underdogs” of all stripes, has been involved for decades with a community health organization that started some fifty years ago to help migrant workers get health care. Now the organizations serves everyone, including me. A win for the people!

Civil Insurrection/War

There is a constant talk on social media about a civil war in this country. How it will happen, if it will happen, and what forms it will take I won’t predict.

LL (Virtual Mirage) recommended “Hunting in the Shadows” by Michael Watson. I’m slowly reading the author’s account of his experience in unconventional war. While I see little correlation with our country (different cultural, different ethnic divides, etc.), I clearly see how ruthless and violent these types of wars become. Our snowflakes haven’t a clue.


Mine ebbs and flows. If you have come this far you realize my umbrage is flowing. So  goes the 2,300+ blog posts I’ve inflicted over the past ten or so years. For those of you tolerant enough to read my blog, hand salute!

As always, YMMV


Old NFO said...

We like the fact that you cut to the chase, and back it up with links! :-) And yes, drjim is good folks! Glad y'all got fed too!!!

drjim said...

I heard about the finds in Wyoming. Just hope the owners will be allowed to extract it. I had a weird notion the other day....we know all this "environmental" stuff, AND the "regulations" it brings, is meant to "keep it in the ground". I wondered if they're keeping it in the ground to retain or increase the maximum value of the "asset". Might be a nice thing to negotiate with during bankruptcy.

The core drilling you were doing must have been in hard rock? All the core drilling I saw growing up was just good, organic, black dirt. It was 30' thick in places up towards the Wisconsin border. Some people compared it to to a coal seam, but it was "Fuel for Green Plants, Not Power Plants" or something similar the farmer's would say.

A treat from a friend has a good way of calming a skittish dog. makes 'em feel safe in their home again after a big disruption.

I don't think the pro-wolf people have thought this out clearly. And I doubt if any of them have ever lived out of a big city or Metro Area. Wolves are not dogs, anymore than mountain lions are house cats.

You and Sisty are always welcome here, and it's always good to see you two again. With my son living in your AOA now, I have much more reason to be in town. Is the "Double Clutch Cafe" still around? You always said they had a good breakfast. Yes, the hand rails age a great addition. He also added another matching handrail to the one going down the half-flight to the den, and a another one down the flight to the basement. I forgot to mention to you that Pebbles said to be sure and give Banner her best for Christmas!

Yes, it's quite distressing when the side in power can manufacture a reason to keep their opponent off the ballot.

Gee...."I Remember When..." people from the Old Country strove to be assimilated. Many forbid their children to speak their native language at home, except to Grandma and Grandpa. Yes, were they proud of their heritage, but prouder still to be Americans.

Civil War II will be profoundly and extraordinarily different than Civil War I. That's all I can say with confidence. ANY war on your home soil is something you don't want to experience. I know too many Veterans with current, recent, and past experience in war-torn countries to know it isn't anything like the ones calling for it think it is.

I pray they don't get to find out.....

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thank you! Coming from a 'real' writer I appreciate the compliment.

DrJim is one smart man and is quick quick on picking up on what I'm saying with my semi-education.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The Double Clutch is long gone, replaced by a QT gas station. About seven blocks from your son's home is the Country Inn which has good 'American Food' including Chicken Friend Steak. I'm partial to their breakfast burrito.


Pebbles and Banner would be instant friends.

The Hahns Peak project was hard rock. We could only get about 30' before having to change bits. We would break the drill stem in 20' sections, with pipe wrenches, change the bit, and go back down the hole. Drilling down several hundred feet, it could take six hours to swap out a bit.

Hanhs Peak is a dead volcano. The area was once a minor gold strike and the first county seat of Routt County. About three generations back, ancestors traveled three days to get there and marry. They joked when they started out they didn't need to get married but did by the time they got there.

Sisty and I scattered our mother's ashes at the base. Mother used the peak as a landmark to orient herself.

The remains of a fire lookout station is at the summit and is a popular hike in the summer.

Wild, wild west said...

These morons praying for CW-Two have no understanding of CW-One or they wouldn't be so giddy about the prospect. Having had kin on both sides, I'm a bit more circumspect. Those ignorant on the subject would do well to study some on WT Sherman's march thru Georgia and South Carolina, or Sheridan's subjugation of the Shenandoah Valley, or the Burnt District in Missouri, where the Federal Government depopulated and burned-out whole counties, to see where those things go. The latter covered quite well by Edward Leslie in The Devil Knows How to Ride, ostensibly about the life and times of one William Quantrill but really about the whole sordid Border Wars era.

Never mind the deconsolidation of Yugoslavia, or the mess in Rwanda or, well you get the picture. I hope they get it too. Otherwise, welcome to New Kampuchea.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Sherman made no apologies. "War is hell". CW-One was based on greed, IMO. The wealthy Northerners wanted a monopoly on Southern purchases, not being able to compete with the industrial power of Britain. The wealthy Southerners wanted to keep their cheap labor.

CW-Two will likely be about dominion over others feeding egos and, coincidentally, consolidating wealth.

Dark Fury said...

Biden has high disapproval numbers we have seen yet! The majority of Americans can't make ends meet anymore. 70% of Americans say the country is on the wrong track and heading in the wrong direction. Inflation is ruining the happiness of everyone across the country Income inequality is getting worse. People can’t keep up with their bills anymore Crime is out of control in EVERY major State in the USA. . Polls continue showing a majority of voters, including many of those on the left, trust Trump and the Republicans more regarding the economy, foreign affairs, and crime. We have seen Hate, Racism, Misogyny, Antisemitism. Exploding like wildfire, instead of the “Unity” that Biden had promised. Violence against LGBT people. Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual,s, and Transgenders is happening all over the Cities. And yet these very same Lefties in the polling reject Trump's and the Republican's ideas on the economy, foreign affairs, and crime and have agreed with Biden's decisions on these things while claiming they trust Trump and the Republicans more on these issues than Joe Biden. The majority of his party thinks he's “Screwed-Up in the Head! up the border. Why he won't do anything about our border at this time is inexplicable, and .and unexplainable!
Times have changed and the Worst Enemy that used to be the Germans, or the North Koreans, is now our own President. I don't hate you Democrats, at all, I just want wash MY Hands whenever I shake hands with one of you! . You and every other Democrat
I'm Left Just Scratching My Head. I Really Don't Understand The Left?

LSP said...

90 minutes?!? That's long, too long.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

While I salute their courage, few professions attract arrogant individuals like firemen.

LSP said...

Mr. WSF, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thank you!