Sunday, July 31, 2011

Delta IS NOT my Favorite.

Flying out of DIA last week. The airplane in the computer, used for seat assignments, was a different model than the airplane parked at the gate. Huge C.F. Late into Atlanta. Connecting flight at a different concourse. Worked out well; got a good cardio workout and made my connecting flight with seven minutes to spare. Seat back wouldn't lock "in the upright position." Attendant said I had to move. I agreed, to another aisle seat. We only have center seats. NO. Upgrade to First Class. How nice for the gentleman who paid the money for his upgrade. Seated next to a sweaty, overweight man with an attitude. Happy travels! (Did I mention my carry on was halfway to the rear in an over head bin? Who was the last one off the plane?)

Rode in a 757 from Denver. I know the fit/finish wasn't what Boeing delivered. Had to be from Delta's crack crew removing panels for inspection. Not a huge confidence builder. Second leg was in a MD 88. Always liked a DC9 but they are getting long in the tooth.

Will be sending a comment or two to Delta when I get back. Something along the lines of, "Fuck You! Strong memo to follow.". And take your "Fortune's Most Admired" sticker at the hatch and put it where........

Felt sorry for the cabin attendants. Lots of apologies. Not their fault; why should they take the heat?

Question for experienced travelers. Is there any airport less user friendly than Atlanta?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Most Police Officers Are OK

Watching the video of Officer Matt Lyons, Oceanside PD, handling “Jeremey” made me appreciate once again how skillful most officers are at dealing with tense situations, including one involving me.

My employer had me running off site car sales around Colorado. We did sixty or so in many different locations. The permit requirements were different in every municipality. The local dealers hated us and would try to sabotage our sales.

In one town where we had already held a sale, I overlooked one minor permit. Towards the end of our first day, a police officer pulled up and told us to shut the sale down; we were operating illegally. My first assumption was some dealer had put him up to shutting us down. I was hot. My boss had $35,000 spent to hold the sale. My six man crew was paid on sales only. Getting shut down was a huge personal, financial, and professional disaster.

The officer kept his cool. He also stayed back about six feet from me. The five minute conversation was quite animated on my part. He stayed cool but never backed down. I shut the sale down. Two of my crew thought I was going to jail.

This officer had courage. He was a lot smaller than me. He was alone and there were seven of us. He didn’t call for backup, reach for his pepper spray, or put his hand near his handgun.

Our corporate lawyer came up that night and we went to City Hall the next morning. One $50 check for the permit and we were good to go. Seems the clerk was behind the shut down. Seems her brother was a car dealer. We stopped downstairs at the police department and did a little apologizing, etc.

My budget took a huge hit for the lawyer’s fee but it could have been much worse had the officer involved been as much a hot head as me. This was truly a case where the officer was much better than the citizen. I believe the majority of police/citizen events go down like this.

I’ve had a few encounters over the years that involved “badge happy” officers making the law instead of enforcing it. That is why we have courts. This officer was more of a “peace officer” than a policeman. We need more peace officer and fewer policemen who look like Army Rangers or Marine Recons.

Work tomorrow. Delta to Florida by way of Atlanta. I’m just quivering with anticipation. Ugh!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Poor People Have Poor Ways

These "Geezer Goggles" fit over regular eyeglasses. Work well for me on my job. They are about $20 a pop. Quality control, eh, not so much. Second pair the ear piece has broken while taking them off.

Epoxy is the sophisticate's duct tape. After it cures, will use a file and sandpaper to dress it up a little. Hollywood I'm not.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Does Rosetta Stone Cover This?

Atlanta airport, two and a half hours between flights, looking for something to eat. Willing to pay double the street price but not triple. Find a Burger King. Young lady, Lathisa, at the register. Problems begin.

Lathisa speaks a language something like English, speaks rapidly, and has what my Toastmistress mother calls lazy lips. She is very up tempo, busy, busy, busy, keep the line moving. I speak Rocky Mountain. We don’t understand each other. I assume she is asking for my order, so I ask for a #3. Did not ask for it “my way”, just a #3. OK, next comes a series of questions. Not understanding a damn thing, but being a Burger King vet, I think she is asking, small, medium or large? We get past the “small”. Now for the drink. “Tea”. Silly me; hot tea, iced tea, sweet tea. She finally accepts my order and I pay. I don’t know what I ordered until the bag was tossed my way and the cup put in front of me.

Ah, travel. Broaden your horizons and enrich your experiences. Bite me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hoppe's No. 9 Saved Me

My mother would get together with friends and relatives in order to give each other permanents. The smell would gag me. Worse, the participants would want me to stay and “talk to us.” Horrible thing to inflict on a teenage boy.

My mother hated the smell of Hoppe’s No. 9. When the permanent solutions came out, I would start cleaning all the firearms in the house. This would swiftly bring about a command to take my activity out to the shed. Ah, family values.

In time, my parents gained a degree of affluence. I was happy for them, especially when my mother started using the hair salon in town.

Now the product is available as an air freshener. Perhaps I should order one just for the nostalgia value. Probably not. A drop, from the cleaning kit, on a cotton ball, should work as well.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time - Who Rules You?

Lightning took out our electrical power yesterday. Took Xcel about two hours to get it back. Started checking and resetting clocks. Amazing, to me, how many clocks I have:

1. Stereo
2. DVD Player
3. Alarm clock. Battery backup but it doesn’t keep accurate time on backup.
4. Two battery powered atomic clocks.
5. One atomic alarm clock with battery backup. It has a projector feature, putting a large enough readout on the ceiling I don’t need my glasses to see. The blasted thing is complicated, with small buttons, that I don’t care to cope with at 0400.
6. The computer.
7. Super duper all in one fax/scanner/copy/printer expensive ink eater. Puts time stamp on faxes.
8. Cell phone.
9. Thirty year old quartz movement battery powered wall clock.
10. Mission critical coffee maker.
11. DSLR camera.
12. Two digital viewfinder type cameras.
13. Two travel alarm clocks.
14. Microwave oven.
15. Two heirloom railroad type pocket watches.
14. Four wristwatches - rarely worn. Cell phone takes care of that need.
15. Wrist mounted pulse monitor that also has a digital clock.
16. MP3 player. Clock has never been set. I would need to read the instructions.
17. GPS

This list doesn’t include the vehicles. Makes me ponder just who is in control of my life.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Wonder Dog

Deuce, the wonder lab, belongs to my youngest son. My daughter in law calls him “Dumb Dumb”. It was a true case of, “Love me, love my dog”. They are off to Disneyland, so once again he is my house guest for a few days.

This dog is a typical lab except he is a wuss. I’m accustomed to ranch dogs who think riding in the back of a pickup is wonderful. We put him in my import pickup with the rear sliding window open so my son could keep hold of his leash. Deuce cried and howled so piteously my son had me stop and brought him into the cab. Great, one 285 lb man, one 210 lb man, and one 60 lb dog inside a compact pickup cab. Comfy.

He will chase rabbits and squirrels. Little do they realize he would turn tail and run if they confronted him. The neighbor’s cat chases him. I let him run in a overgrown river bottom nearby. He encountered a turkey. Turkey put him to flight, crying and yelping as he ran back to the Tracker.

He changes 180 degrees in his family protection mode. He will protect his pact against all comers. When the adults need to discipline a child, Deuce must be taken to another room and the door closed. While my son was in Afghanistan, I was comforted that Deuce was on guard in their home. Of course, my daughter in law can stand down a squad of Rangers. Not a good home invasion target, that house. With an active or retired service family in every third house, probably not a neighborhood the wise criminal seeks out.

The first time he stayed with me, we had dominance issues. He is both strong and stubborn. Past those issues, I really enjoy him. Not, FDIL, well enough for a full time situation!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Take Back Our Country

For those of you who have never visited Oath Keepers, please do.

There is a current controversy in Quartzsite, AZ. Towards the end of the post, there is a section "Additional Note From Stewart". This is the best call for action I've ever read and a clear cut way for the individual citizen to make a difference.

From my personal experience, this is how the "Progressives" push their program and gain control. Also, from personal experience, this can be as exciting as pulling KP or Guard Duty.

Bitching is a lot more satisfying from the inside, instead of staying out of the fray and having a pity party - just saying.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shamless Plagiarism

A collection, from blogs, Facebook, and emails of things that made me snort, or shake my head. Some of you may recognize this as your material. My apologizes if I don't credit you. Only one of these is my creation. Hope you all enjoy!

Think I'd better go do some cleaning. Just saw a segment on the Today program about a person who hadn't cleaned their house for some 17 years. Guess, I'm not so bad even if Good Housekeeping will only let me have their magazine in my home without the cover.

Big Steve has all the personality (and personal aroma) of curdled milk, and the welcoming mien of a semi-rabid stoat with inflamed hemorrhoids.

And here is the weather forecast. Tomorrow will be muggy. Followed by Toogy, Weggy, Thurgy and Frigy.” - Unknown

Sipsey Street joins White House in objecting to Mark Halperin's characterization of Obama as "a dick."
Nothing could be further from the truth. He is, in fact, dickless.

I think the plan worked. The extra guns, Mexicans shoot each other and less illegals crossing the border.

I don't hate obama because of his race. There are too many other good reasons to hate him .

Based on Weis' vast amount of experience as a law enforcement officer... He will be able to add nothing to this group.

You might think good transportation is the key to prosperity, but Colorado doesn't work that way.

President Obama’s approval ratings are so low now, Kenyans are accusing him of being born in the United States ...”

It’s pretty difficult to preach against sin without offending the offenders.

the advice retired Detroit Police Department cop Evan Marshal once gave: “Continue shooting until your sight picture is degraded by a lack of target.”

, 'sweetheart, the world is large and you're insignificant so do whatever the hell ya want because no one will give two hootin' shits about it tomorrow!'

Don’t be in a place where you will have to defend yourself.
If trouble comes your way, run.
If you can’t run, grab the closest thing you can and use it as a weapon.

She and reality pass each other in the hall twice a day.

Of all the things I have to deal with at work, I NEVER imagined projectile vomiting would be one of them. That all changed today. Nasty
Well that's one thing to check off of the life experiences list.

So anyone who has been trying to reach me may have noticed I have been unresponsive. No, I am not playing hard to get. Silly smart phone thought it could swim.
There isn't an app for that?
Yes..its called "Insurance"..sigh

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What a Woman

My favorite daughter in law FDIL was complaining about shopping for a dress. Seems her husband plans to attend some formal affair. He will wear his Class A uniform. She needs a dress. OK, big deal. During this same conversation she was explaining how she replaced the starter on one of the family cars and how she planned to replace the radiator. No complaints about the repairs, only about shopping for a new dress.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hope TO Change

Many of you have probably received this as an email and been asked to pass it on. Will try to use the VAST readership of this blog to do just that.


After two years of Obama ...
Here's your change!
January 2009 TODAY % chg Source
Avg.. Retail price/gallon gas in U.S. $1.83 $3.44 84% 1
Crude oil, European Brent (barrel) $43..48 $99..02 127.7% 2
Crude oil, West TX Inter. (barrel) $38..74 $91..38 135.9% 2
Gold: London (per troy oz.) $853.25 $1,369.50 60.5% 2
Corn, No.2 yellow, Central IL $3.56 $6.33 78.1% 2
Soybeans, No. 1 yellow, IL $9.66 $13..75 42.3% 2
Sugar, cane, raw, world, lb. Fob $13..37 $35..39 164.7% 2
Unemployment rate, non-farm, overall 7.6% 9.4% 23.7% 3
Unemployment rate, blacks 12.6% 15.8% 25.4% 3
Number of unemployed 11,616,000 14,485,000 24.7% 3
Number of fed. Employees 2,779,000 2,840,000 2.2% 3
Real median household income $50,112 $49,777 -0.7% 4
Number of food stamp recipients 31,983,716 43,200,878 35.1% 5
Number of unemployment benefit recipients 7,526,598 9,193,838 22.2% 6
Number of long-term unemployed 2,600,000 6,400,000 146.2% 3
Poverty rate, individuals 13.2% 14.3% 8.3% 4
People in poverty in U.S. 39,800,000 43,600,000 9.5% 4
U.S.. Rank in Economic Freedom World Rankings 5 9 n/a 10
Present Situation Index 29.9 23.5 -21.4% 11
Failed banks 140 164 17.1% 12
U.S.. Dollar versus Japanese yen exchange rate 89.76 82.03 -8.6% 2
U.S.. Money supply, M1, in billions 1,575.1 1,865.7 18.4% 13
U.S.. Money supply, M2, in billions 8,310.9 8,852.3 6.5% 13
National debt, in trillions $10..627 $14..052 32.2% 14

Just take this last item: In the last two years we have accumulated national debt at a rate more than 27 times as fast as during the rest of our entire nation's history.
Over 27 times as fast. Metaphorically speaking, if you are driving in the right lane doing 65 MPH and a car rockets past you in the left lane.
27 times faster, it would be doing 7,555 MPH!
(1) U.S. Energy Information Administration; (2) Wall Street Journal; (3) Bureau of Labor Statistics; (4) Census Bureau; (5) USDA; (6) U.S. Dept. Of Labor;
(7) FHFA; (8) Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller; (9) RealtyTrac; (10) Heritage Foundation and WSJ; (11) The Conference Board; (12) FDIC;
(13) Federal Reserve; (14) U.S. Treasury
So, tell me again, what is it about Obama that makes him so brilliant and impressive? Can't think of anything? Don't worry. He's done all this in 29 months -- so you'll have one year and five months to come up with an answer. Every statement in this email is factual and directly attributable to Barrack Hussein Obama. Every bumble is a matter of record and completely verifiable.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Followers - Thank You

Very flattering to have new followers of my blog. If I haven't sent you a personal "thank you", it is because of my poor computer skills. As they say in Texas, "Preciate you."

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dumb Officers

Credit, or blame, Old NFO, for this entry. One of his Mondaze Humor jokes prodded some reminiscing about Ensign Montgomery’s cousin.

Lt. Stanley C_____ was the worst officer, perhaps worst soldier, I ever met. He was inflicted on the US Army by the University ROTC program. He was devoid of any common sense. Our West Point graduate Company Commander was often beside himself trying to make something of Lt C______. As a member of the enlisted swine, I simply sat back and watched. Once, when he was inspecting the Guard Mount, I deliberately mixed up my General Orders. He didn’t notice. For civilian readers information, nothing in any branch of the military is more basic than General Orders.

He arrived with his new bride, S______, whose morals soon became the talk of the post. I picked up a few dollars showing films, mainly old TV Shows, at the Officers Club, on the weekends we were in garrison. Seems I was invisible as nobody curbed their tongues around me.

One story had Major A_____ seeing Lt C______ sitting on the steps of his quarters, crying. Seems he came home to find a brother officer in bed with S______. Brother officer kicked Lt C______ out of his own quarters then went back to his activities with S______.

Once, during our three day Combat Proficiency Test, about a half dozen Special Forces types pulled up to our perimeter. They had borrowed a forestry crew tractor pulling a trailer and were trying to drive into our area. We pointed out to Lt C______ these “civilians” were ringers. Got chewed out for our efforts and order to allow them to pass. When the umpires found all the chalk marks on our generators and water trailers, we were flunked, and had to repeat the damn test.

After several instances where his orders nearly got people killed, and one Bridge Erection boat sunk, a job was created for him, Assistant Post Coordinator. Which he screwed up. Somehow, the powers that were managed to boot him back to CONUS (along with S_______).

Lt C_______, and the Army, was fortunate the balloon never went up. He would have been our first casualty, guaranteed.

I’ve never kept track of him but suspect he is now a czar in the Obama Administration.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cowboy Poet

New poem by Hal Swift, noted Cowboy poet and a close friend of my sister and late brother in law.

by Hal Swift

Some time back, they's a sweet young thing,
with a look both wise an' bold,
sez, "You got the wrong idea 'bout age!
Yer experienced, you ain't old!"

I asked if she remembered Colonel Tim McCoy.
She sez, "Now none a yer tricks!"
I sez, I reckon you'd say the same thing
if I ask ya about Tom Mix.

Then I sez, Okay, take the Model A Ford.
Does 'rumble seat' make ya smile?
No, she sez, "But you'll tell me why,
if I jist wait around fer a while."

I sez, Do y'know what a bread line is?
She figgers it's to do with cattle.
She sez, "You'd know a lot more about that,
from alla yer time in the saddle."

Okay, I sez, Colonel Tim an' Tom Mix
was actors on the movie screen.
All of us boys tried to be like them,
the two finest cowpokes you've seen.

Two couples'd date in a Model A Ford,
an' the boy up front would drive it.
The other couple, back in the rumble seat,
could talk about love in private.

A bread line's where a lotta city folks went
to git a meal in the Great Depression.
They'd stand in line t'git some soup an' bread.
Cuz the "Great" was jist a expression.

A lotta these things folks my age has seen.
It's nothin' that we've been told.
To use yer words, we've 'Been there, done it.'
Experienced? Yeah, and we're old!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back to the Ghetto

Last July the blog theme was prairie dogs finding a new place to live; fresh landscaping.

Seems the property owners got tired of the problem. A drastic solution that works. So for the dogs it is back across the street to the ghetto.