Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time - Who Rules You?

Lightning took out our electrical power yesterday. Took Xcel about two hours to get it back. Started checking and resetting clocks. Amazing, to me, how many clocks I have:

1. Stereo
2. DVD Player
3. Alarm clock. Battery backup but it doesn’t keep accurate time on backup.
4. Two battery powered atomic clocks.
5. One atomic alarm clock with battery backup. It has a projector feature, putting a large enough readout on the ceiling I don’t need my glasses to see. The blasted thing is complicated, with small buttons, that I don’t care to cope with at 0400.
6. The computer.
7. Super duper all in one fax/scanner/copy/printer expensive ink eater. Puts time stamp on faxes.
8. Cell phone.
9. Thirty year old quartz movement battery powered wall clock.
10. Mission critical coffee maker.
11. DSLR camera.
12. Two digital viewfinder type cameras.
13. Two travel alarm clocks.
14. Microwave oven.
15. Two heirloom railroad type pocket watches.
14. Four wristwatches - rarely worn. Cell phone takes care of that need.
15. Wrist mounted pulse monitor that also has a digital clock.
16. MP3 player. Clock has never been set. I would need to read the instructions.
17. GPS

This list doesn’t include the vehicles. Makes me ponder just who is in control of my life.


Old NFO said...

LOL- And how far off are the clocks generally? Or do you set them purposely fast?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

NFO Try to set them exactly on time. The cell, atomic, and GPS get their signals and self correct.

Anonymous said...

Control???? What is that??? Could one say that you are compulsive about time???


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Just a tad. Can get a bit miffed when someone BURNS MY TIME.

FDIL said...

I'm actually really surprised that you actually know how to set most of them!!! You must have bought them back when you knew how to read instructions!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

NICE jab, FDIL! Think "Pinky and the Brain" scheme to even the score. It is coming!