Sunday, July 31, 2011

Delta IS NOT my Favorite.

Flying out of DIA last week. The airplane in the computer, used for seat assignments, was a different model than the airplane parked at the gate. Huge C.F. Late into Atlanta. Connecting flight at a different concourse. Worked out well; got a good cardio workout and made my connecting flight with seven minutes to spare. Seat back wouldn't lock "in the upright position." Attendant said I had to move. I agreed, to another aisle seat. We only have center seats. NO. Upgrade to First Class. How nice for the gentleman who paid the money for his upgrade. Seated next to a sweaty, overweight man with an attitude. Happy travels! (Did I mention my carry on was halfway to the rear in an over head bin? Who was the last one off the plane?)

Rode in a 757 from Denver. I know the fit/finish wasn't what Boeing delivered. Had to be from Delta's crack crew removing panels for inspection. Not a huge confidence builder. Second leg was in a MD 88. Always liked a DC9 but they are getting long in the tooth.

Will be sending a comment or two to Delta when I get back. Something along the lines of, "Fuck You! Strong memo to follow.". And take your "Fortune's Most Admired" sticker at the hatch and put it where........

Felt sorry for the cabin attendants. Lots of apologies. Not their fault; why should they take the heat?

Question for experienced travelers. Is there any airport less user friendly than Atlanta?


Old NFO said...

Gee, that mirrors MY last trip (also on Delta...) And not that I've found ANYWHERE in the world... ATL sucks!!!

Rita said...

Actually I don't believe there is a worse airport. Airtran's hub is there and when it seemed like it was worth it to pay $50 less, we would fly through there on our way to Fort Myers. Not anymore. Every flight is always late and those that aren't have the connecting flight in the farthest distance away so you literally have to run to catch it. If I never see Atlanta airport again, I'll die happy.