Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cowboy Poet

New poem by Hal Swift, noted Cowboy poet and a close friend of my sister and late brother in law.

by Hal Swift

Some time back, they's a sweet young thing,
with a look both wise an' bold,
sez, "You got the wrong idea 'bout age!
Yer experienced, you ain't old!"

I asked if she remembered Colonel Tim McCoy.
She sez, "Now none a yer tricks!"
I sez, I reckon you'd say the same thing
if I ask ya about Tom Mix.

Then I sez, Okay, take the Model A Ford.
Does 'rumble seat' make ya smile?
No, she sez, "But you'll tell me why,
if I jist wait around fer a while."

I sez, Do y'know what a bread line is?
She figgers it's to do with cattle.
She sez, "You'd know a lot more about that,
from alla yer time in the saddle."

Okay, I sez, Colonel Tim an' Tom Mix
was actors on the movie screen.
All of us boys tried to be like them,
the two finest cowpokes you've seen.

Two couples'd date in a Model A Ford,
an' the boy up front would drive it.
The other couple, back in the rumble seat,
could talk about love in private.

A bread line's where a lotta city folks went
to git a meal in the Great Depression.
They'd stand in line t'git some soup an' bread.
Cuz the "Great" was jist a expression.

A lotta these things folks my age has seen.
It's nothin' that we've been told.
To use yer words, we've 'Been there, done it.'
Experienced? Yeah, and we're old!


Unknown said...

I like it!

Old NFO said...

Very nice one! :-)

Momma Fargo said...

Great poem! Reminds me of the stuff at poetry readings with Baxter Black.