Thursday, September 29, 2016

Another Good Man Gone

Hal Swift, noted Reno resident and a great friend to my sister and niece.

From my sister’s Facebook page.

This man was a wonderful mentor to me and my family. The stories we have are many and some shouldn't be shared with everyone. He was our minister but was a dear friend. My heart is breaking even though I knew that at some point in time he was going to make his transition. LUVS and blessings~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~my friend.

Hal and my late brother-in-law were great friends and fellow poets. I will always remember Hal’s great kindness and quiet compassion at the memorial service despite his own deep grief. 

Truly one of the good men.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Green Power Bullshit

Our electricity provider, Xcel, has a nifty little scheme. They will let you pay “just a little more” to provide wind energy to your home.

Guess many people are too dumb to realize all power generated, regardless of source, goes into one power grid. All users draw from the same grid. 

Wind generated energy costs more to produce and enter the grid. Xcel wants us to help pay for this more expensive energy.

I have no problem with Xcel asking their customers to  subsidize more expensive sources. What I do object to is their bullshit public relation stunt to suck in gullible customers. It is a “feel good” way to raise energy costs without the pesky legal way which involves a regulatory agency, hearings and the such. Bah!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

How Many Postmasters II

On 7/31 posted "How Many Postmasters" does it take to fix a pothole?

The problem could be fixed with a $4 bag of Quickcrete from Home Depot, a shovel, and 15 minutes of work IMO.

Yesterday the drive to the mailbox was completely repaved. The three trucks, trailer with the asphalt spreader and "steamroller", and seven workers was more suited to renovating an Interstate.

Wonder how much that cost?

Yes, I'm a grumpy old man with too much time on his hands. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Job Offer

A young man who spent some time "under my wing" bought an ownership position in a used car lot a few months ago. He is finding the difference between owner and manager in terms of personal time off wearing. Asked me to come work there part time.

Ah, no, as in no fucking way, no. Twenty+ years of walking on asphalt and gravel and being on my feet for hours at a time, may be the cause of my barely functioning knees.

Then there is the public. For years I believed I could get anyone to like me for an hour. Now that is down to about fifteen minutes.

Finally there is the issue of patience. I've heard of it but never personally experienced it.

Money has never been my God and my current situation more than meets my needs. So it is thanks, but no thanks.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Micro Aggression

In the back window of my pickup camper shell. 

Don't know why blogger insists on turning the snap sideways.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

You Can Take The Boy Off The Ranch, But Not The Ranch Out Of The Boy

Two days in a row I've encountered cows wandering the shoulder on Hwy 71. Being ranch raised I know all about the dreaded telephone call, "Your cows are out".

Monday it was on the Kimball, NE bypass. Once I reached the dispatcher and described the location, she said, "I know whose cows those are". Leads me to believe (1) Not many ranchers are running Corrientes in the area  and (2) Not the first time they have gotten through a fence.

Today it was an Angus in Weld County. Turned down a county road to the first farm I spotted. Found two men working on a bailer head. Older man told me they didn't run cows but he knew who probably owned the stray. Said he would call them. 

Why do I care? Hitting a cow can ruin your whole day and it is being a good citizen to do something about the situation. Further, loosing a cow or two is a hit in the wallet for ranchers.

Should add I seldom see loose livestock. Bambi is a much bigger problem.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Neat Old VW

In the Wally World parking lot this morning.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Doubling Down on Stupid - EPA Sector

After causing an ecological disaster by an agency with 1,000+ lawyers but not one mining engineer, the EPA does this masterpiece.

Lots of press coverage when this happened. Followed by conspiracy theories as in deliberate so the EPA can take over the town of Silverton and environs.

Sorry, you need to scroll down to find the letter from Mr. Taylor.

Some good pictures in this link.

No question Colorado (and other states) is littered with old abandoned mines, some leaking toxic water. The EPA has a legitimate interest. What is happening is an agency, staffed with rabid anti-development tree huggers, is using this to advance their personal interests. 

Shocking, isn’t it? Doesn’t happen with the United States Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management, does it?

Oops. My bad.