Tuesday, September 13, 2016

You Can Take The Boy Off The Ranch, But Not The Ranch Out Of The Boy

Two days in a row I've encountered cows wandering the shoulder on Hwy 71. Being ranch raised I know all about the dreaded telephone call, "Your cows are out".

Monday it was on the Kimball, NE bypass. Once I reached the dispatcher and described the location, she said, "I know whose cows those are". Leads me to believe (1) Not many ranchers are running Corrientes in the area  and (2) Not the first time they have gotten through a fence.

Today it was an Angus in Weld County. Turned down a county road to the first farm I spotted. Found two men working on a bailer head. Older man told me they didn't run cows but he knew who probably owned the stray. Said he would call them. 

Why do I care? Hitting a cow can ruin your whole day and it is being a good citizen to do something about the situation. Further, loosing a cow or two is a hit in the wallet for ranchers.

Should add I seldom see loose livestock. Bambi is a much bigger problem.

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