Thursday, September 8, 2016

Doubling Down on Stupid - EPA Sector

After causing an ecological disaster by an agency with 1,000+ lawyers but not one mining engineer, the EPA does this masterpiece.

Lots of press coverage when this happened. Followed by conspiracy theories as in deliberate so the EPA can take over the town of Silverton and environs.

Sorry, you need to scroll down to find the letter from Mr. Taylor.

Some good pictures in this link.

No question Colorado (and other states) is littered with old abandoned mines, some leaking toxic water. The EPA has a legitimate interest. What is happening is an agency, staffed with rabid anti-development tree huggers, is using this to advance their personal interests. 

Shocking, isn’t it? Doesn’t happen with the United States Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management, does it?

Oops. My bad.
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