Friday, October 2, 2015

Striking Back

Fighting back, social media division. As sure as the sun rises, the (P)regressive gun grabbers are molesting electrons at a furious pace about the Oregon shooting. Outright  lies and “spin” distortions,  correlation = causation, etc. I “follow” several, relatives, friends, and high school classmates among others on Facebook. Don't Twitter, or any other activity except this blog.

For about the last six months I’ve been calling them on their bullshit. They don’t like it. They have been successful for years with these tactics, even twice electing our current disaster of a President. Time to call them out. Why do I do it? For one I run a high asshole factor and enjoy poking holes in pompous self appointed priest and priestess of the assumed moral high ground. For another, I firmly believe you shouldn’t spend all your time and energy with those who already agree with you.

Who knows, maybe I can change a few minds. I know my mind has been changed on some issues by their postings. Better a shouting war than a shooting war if that can be avoided.
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