Saturday, October 24, 2015


What follows is a whining blog from a bitter clinger. You may wish to skip it.

Being interested in politics and the world my grandchildren will grow into, I read a lot of political “stuff” and Facebook postings. In addition, I try to maintain a circle of friends and acquaintances with different viewpoints. This from my belief you shouldn’t spend all your time with those who already agree with you.

What I’m hearing and reading from the women’s point of view is I’m irrelevant. We (women) are going to win, you (men) are going to lose, so just shuffle off somewhere Grandpa and shut up. Oh, but feel free to keep your wallet open so you can expunge some of the guilt we’ve assigned you.

Given the results of the last two Presidential elections, they may be right. As they savor their victory, they will ignore one of the founding principals of this country. That is protection of minorities (of any kind) from the tyranny of majorities. We are a Republic, not a Democracy.

In almost every situation where there is a winner and a loser, the winner, if wise, strives to keep the goodwill of the loser. It seems to me that our country has become a land of scorched earth, winners take all, and losers get fucked. I hear this loud and clear from Shillary's supporters. 

As sure as the sun rises, there will come a time when national unity will be needed for us to survive as a nation. My fear is national unity will never again occur. I can't see any President, current or now in the running, who has the stature to accomplish it.

As I look around, I realize the country I grew up in, worked and paid taxes, voted, served in the Armed Forces and all the other citizen’s punch card requirements is gone. What it is now is not something I can believe in. I’m rapidly reaching a point where I will look after me and mine and the hell with anyone else.

 That I can even contemplate that attitude saddens me more than I can express. I’ve always believed if you are going to bitch about a problem, you damn well should be able to offer a solution or just keep your mouth shut. I have no solution other than to continue to protest, vote for those candidates that pass my smell test, and rant on social media. YMMV


Ami said...

I reached the point of taking care of me and mine ahead of everything else quite awhile ago.

I may even vote this year, though. Although I don't like most of the candidates so far, and I actively hate a couple of them, my plan is to vote against the most disgusting of them.

Although I also reached the point of believing that the results have already been decided and that we're being allowed to vote to keep up the pretense that we actually can affect the outcome.

It's been said by many people. If voting actually changed anything, it would not be legal.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

. If voting actually changed anything, it would not be legal.

Roger that.

Coffeypot said...

Voting matters. Even if you don't like someone personally, that is no reason not to vote. If the candidate has some good points and could make a difference, vote for him. You don't have to go to his house for dinner. Just support him. I don't like Trump at all, but if he is the candidate that will go against Socialism, I will vote for him Not voting is a vote for the other side. Personally, even though I do not like Trump, I wish we had 100 more like him in Congress. To hell with all the PC shit. Call a spade a spade and get this country back on track.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Colorado has gone to mail ballots. Makes voter fraud easier for the (P)regressives. Have the ballot for the City election on my desk. I always vote. Haven't missed one election since I turned 21. Don't know if it matters in the great scheme of things but it matters to me.

Old NFO said...

We're only irrelevant until they need money... sigh

Well Seasoned Fool said...


CenTexTim said...

I'm with you on the scorched earth thing. Neither side seems willing to compromise. I remember Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill somehow making things work, even when neither got exactly what his side wanted. I miss that.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

According to Dick Morris, Bill Clinton used what Morris calls triangulation. In Colorado, the late Ken Gordon used the same idea. Sanity prevailed.