Thursday, September 28, 2023

Colorado is Sinking, or Stinking - Your Choice

A Colorado focused blog today. Feel free to pass it by.


One of the fundamental services a government provides is a postal system. Our first postmaster was Benjamin Franklin. Would he be appalled if alive today? Consider the dilemma of residents west of the continental divide in Colorado.


We have a bit of family history involving the mail. My father, age 14, delivered mail from Maybell, CO to the ranches in Browns Park. 

He did this on horseback in the winter and with a Model T in the summer. The horseback circuit took a week and various ranchers would give him food and a bed. Among those was the notorious Bassett’s (Queen Anne Bassett). 


Sisty may want to add some family lore, or may not. Her call. 

An aunt, Jayne Hoth, was the Maybell Postmistress for decades. She converted her front porch into a post office.

Circa 1960’s, while in the Army stationed in Germany, I was sent to a three day school to be qualified as a postal clerk. My unit spent a lot of time “in the field” far from our Kaserne. My job was driving back every day in a M-37 with the mail and whatever needed moved. Fun job? 600 miles round trip, German winters, in a canvas top M-37 wasn’t a soft job. Bonus was being able to have a hot shower every day.

Those who count the votes determine the winner

Jena Griswold, the far left Colorado Secretary of State, had a 200%+ staff turnover during her first term. What part has she played in the looming election crisis?


Perhaps many leaving cannot stomach the fraud and still have some integrity? Is this one of the integrity questions they cannot stomach?


We now have 16 or more states issuing a driver license to illegal immigrants including Colorado.


How many of us are naive enough to think these same license holders won’t become voters? What is your guess as what party will get their votes?

Artesia + sin

A small town straddling US 40 four miles from the Utah line, the town renamed itself Dinosaur as in the nearby Dinosaur National Monument. Long a place for thirsty Mormons, excuse me, Latter Day Saints, from nearby Vernal to peruse individual sins, it has had a precarious existence. Now prospects are brighter.


We stubborn curmudgeons  continue to call it by the original name.

WSF in his early scofflaw days once left a Utah officer, in hot pursuit, disappointed by beating him to the state line. What was then the Colorado Courtesy Patrol, later named the State Patrol, officer was likewise disappointed as WSF crossed the state line well below the posted speed limit. A memorable conversation next to the Artesia gas station, involving both officers, resulted in WSF continuing on his way sans any citations. Verbal threats were issued.


Colorado stands alone as having a Taxpayers Bill of Rights. In basic terms, if the state collects more revenue that budgeted, the surplus is returned to the taxpayer. This dike has prevented the complete Californication of Colorado. Need I add the (P)regressives loath it?

Emperor Polis and his minions are behind the latest attempt to neuter TABOR, something called Proposition HH. It will be on the next ballot. Opposition is growing. So what? Who will count the votes?


As always, YMMV 


Wild, wild west said...

Those Bassett girls sound like they knew how to have a good time.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

They lived large.
Interesting history of the place.
"Where the old west stays young" by the late John Rolfe Burrougs

drjim said...

I was a bit upset when Polis was elected. I thought his opponent (Walker?) was a much better candidate. I thought we'd fled the insanity in Kommiefornia, only to find we just slid back a decade or so.

I never knew there was such disagreement between the Front Range and the Western Slope. I guess it's always been that way. Had to look up Ann Bassett to see who she was. There's a lot of American and "Old West" history out here, and it's well worth reading about. The M-37 looks like the Army's version of a one ton pick up!

Griswold is a disgrace. 200% turn over? Geez...that's worse than some of the crummy places I worked at!

Interesting story about your high-speed escape. Had to look up Artesia to get the full effect! I'm guessing you were blasting along on Hwy 40 and stopped at what's now the Conoco station?

TABOR here is similar to "Prop 13" in Kommiefornia; a way to try and keep taxes lower, while the politicos try and neuter it, or find some way to get around it.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Polis has faced two quality opponents. The first was a GOP insider, the second a fed up citizen. The GOP are too dignified to get their hands dirty.

The state is fairly divided into three area. Front Range, Eastern Plains, and the Western Slope. Sub sections include the trust fund snot belt roughly corresponding to the Gold Belt and Pueblo. None of the trust each other.

The M-37 is classified by the military as a 3/4 ton. Flathed six cylinder, maybe 60 mph top speed. Decent but not great off road performance.

Speeding story. I was eastbound on US 40 in a 1972 Ford LTD (400 ci). Between Jensen and Artesia is a high hill that was, at the time, a honey hole. I saw him pull out, said screw this, and floored it. About 1/4 mile from the state line I stood on the brakes and entered Colorado at about 50 mph. The Colorado trooper pulled me over by the gas station and the Utah trooper pulled in behind him. It was an intesnse thirty minutes or so but I just kept my mouth shut (yes doubters, I can do it) and went on my way down Hwy 62 to Rangley where I had some business to take care of.

Thinking said...

Joe Biden's dog Commander, whom the secret service laughingly calls Cujo, has bitten another person, Jeanne Pierre.

"Commander bit her because he likes her", retorted Joe Biden. "That is how he shows his affection for people as where I show it with massive inflation."

A White House spokesperson commented that the dog was actually rabid, but luckily Jeanne Pierre was also rabid so there is no concern over infecting Jeanne. "Yep, Jeanne already howls at the moon every night and foams at the mouth", joked Joe Biden, "I'm more concerned about her biting Commander to be honest".

Joe Biden's last dog made the mistake of barking at Hillary Clinton at a White House event. The next day the dog was found dead leaving a suicide note behind.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

As V.P. Slo Joe like to swim nude at the Naval Observatory (offical VP residence) with mixed gender Secret Service present. Class act, not!

Old NFO said...

Yep, mail was a 'different' matter back then. And that had to be a COLD trip in the winter!

I really don't know what is going to happen next year, and I think it's too early to start focusing on the cheating that we know is going to occur... sigh

LSP said...

"He did this on horseback in the winter and with a Model T in the summer."

Utter respect.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The official low temperature in Colorado is -61° at Maybell. A husband and wife there spent decades as volunteer weather reporters. Browns Park is more temperate being somewhat sheltered by mountains in a 270° circle. My father's biggest danger was the isolation. Between ranches he was on his own with no means of communication if he got into trouble.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

His father died and he had younger siblings to feed. 5'11 1/2" 150 lbs of fearless toughness. Hot temper, best horseman I've ever seen, and could curse fluently in several languages.

Thinking said...

The biggest scandal in American history is a current President of the United States who is trying to eliminate his strong political opponent in the 2024 election Donald Trump by jailing his chief opponent. Here is his imaculately-researched case that can only be fixed by impeachment of the current president, his weaponized DOJ supporters, and his sell-out of America to China co-scandal to the demise of the Constitution of the United States of America. Regardless of your party, you need to reconcile in favor of the Constitution or become the weakest member due to the continuation of a Communist pursuit of powerful ownership by the Feds over every aspect of human life in America, where people can be thrown into jail or executed by whim of the Party in charge, and by design President Biden's Democrat Party that can incarcerate political opponents by whim. We're in dangerous territory, but I'll let one of the best fiscal reporters in America explain the upside down world of today's White House. I hope it sinks in to both sides of the aisle, as hearing this will be the best hour you ever spent understanding how to survive this crisis without destroying the Constitution intelligent men of the eighteenth century, our Founders, delivered a plan, which if respected, will restore the nation to some semblance of reality of dealing with prices of cars being $48,000, gas prices high, to be lowered for a short time before the election, then restored to its double or triple price before Joe Biden sold out America to the Communist Chinese for $5 million dollars for himself, and $5 million dollars for his son, Hunter Biden. Do you want to become a subservient of the person in power's demands? IMHO we need some Republican District Attorneys to indict HUNTER BIDEN for his MANY Crimes..

Biden, as usual, blames other people for his actions, he must be called out on them and punished for the, in an unprecedented, and phoney scandals to jail his formidable political opponent of our 247 year American History.
It's never been done before, and I hope it never happens again.

The real question is why haven't they already done that? Are they all part of this crooked Mess that they have created.. This country seems to be on its last legs, and it’s a TERRIBLE PITY..

Political ChicK said...

In the normal world Banks, as well as other money lenders do their own homework and lend or not accordingly.
EVER HEAR of “Appraisers”?
In Nutty Liberal Idiot land TDS is all that's required to spout nonsense with no relation to reality.
It's simply a case of political persecution. If the TDS afflicted bunch of Liberal Dingbats cared about justice they wouldn't have cared one bit about this ordinary Little White Lie, as Everybody does it, and as I just wrote, that is exactly why Banks, and other Lenders use their own Appraisers.
Under ANY OTHER administration they would have just passed, as they always do as NO real Crimes had been committed but not if the lender was Donald Trump, and the prosecutor was a Democrat. Or a JACK-ASS like Letitia James!