Sunday, September 24, 2023

How Do They Do It?


How do they do it, the writers who put up something every day? My process is twofold. One is reading something that pisses me off. Second, after the 0400 bladder drain, lie in bed for an hour or two reviewing all the dumb mistakes I’ve done in my life. Some of that ends up in a Word document that lingers on the computer until I get around to posting it. After my kinetic alarm clock wakens me I sometimes remember what I reviewed.

What is a kinetic alarm clock? A 80 lb Treat Hound self petting on the end of my bed, encouraging me to get up and feed him breakfast.

A Karen Moment

My late ex wife was named Karen. A very appropriate and fitting name as she moved through life.

Two days ago my phone rang. It was my middle son. Conversation was as follows.

“I pulled a Karen and locked my keys in my car. I have a locksmith coming and he will charge me $120”.

He went on to explain that the roadside assistance provided by our State Farm policy sucks, he doesn’t want to wait hours, and he doesn’t want to deal with a female Ebonics speaker.

I should add he is not a racist. As a high functioning Asperger Syndrome individual, his observations are blunt, to the point, and unfiltered.


the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.

Opinion, not fact.

Is fracking causing earth tremors? Possibly, according to this article.


More evidence? Denver, CO started having small earthquakes after waste was pumped deep into rock formations nearby. After the pumping stopped, the earthquakes stopped. Long explanation.


In 1967 while living in the Capitol Hill area of Denver, my visiting father and I were drinking coffee on a front porch. We watched as a small ripple, like on water, come across the ground shaking the building. My first experience with an earthquake. Not his. He said there was a bad earthquake at Dinjan Airfield, Assam, India while he was there that did more damage than any Japanese bombing raids.

Bad Science + Political Agendas 

The atrocity that was COVID-19 will linger for years. As more facts emerge, the less we common folk trust what we are being told.  The harm? Flu is a major health problem for both people and animals. Here is a potential game changer.


Will many accept the science should the trials prove successful? I, for one, will be hard to convince. How do most of us know ‘good’ science from ‘bad’?

Potential Military Force

Consider the military potential of wildfire fighters. Physically fit, trained to work under stress as a team, etc. 


Open Borders can’t be the source, can it?

Drug overdose deaths. 


Locally? Emperor Polis (imagined Libertarian) applauds open borders.



Swiped this map from LL’s blog, Virtual Mirage, and a though percolated up in the chaos that is my mind. How much has relative inexpensive DNA testing changed our interpersonal relationships?

 A personal experience. My youngest son had his DNA tested by and shared his results. Startled me, as his percentage of Norwegian ancestry was very high. His mother was 1st generation Norwegian (Yah sure, yah betcha) but nothing in my family’s oral history hinted at any Norwegian ancestors. Although in my mind I questioned if I was his biological father, I shrugged. He was my son.

Sometime later I did the test. Surprises! While I’m 99.9% Caucasian,  about 8% is Norwegian! Guess some Viking raped one of my Irish ancestors. The test identified a biological son, with a code name. When I mentioned it to him, he excitedly told me that was him!

My response? “Good to know. Now I won’t need to slap your mother”.

Uniparty, Colorado Edition

What passes for courage in the Colorado Republican Party?


Nice Boobs, Poor Judgment


The (P)regressives are all over this; they hate her.

As always, YMMV


drjim said...

I'm with you 100% on posting. Some days I'm just too busy to post something, and sometimes that stretches into a few days, or even a week. I used to post lots of "Look What I Did!" stuff, but taking the pix and then writing about it takes at least as long as just doing it!

And if it's something I did on the car, it also gets posted in the Celica Supra forum, and electronics stuff also gets posted on the AudioKarma forum, so I'm "double posting".

Earthquakes are possible, but I doubt we'll ever have one like the ones that rattled SoCal while we were living there. I on board the ship I used to work on when a 3something rolled through the harbor area. It felt like a bump, and we could feel the ship rise with the water (it's called "heaving"), and settle back down. We went out to the rails, and you could see ripples and small waves all through the Inner Harbor where we were tied up. A good friend was working for NASA up in Alaska when the Good Friday earthquake clobbered them back in 1964. He was out riding dirt bikes with a buddy, and they'd stopped for a break. His buddy said "Look At THAT!", and he said it was a 6' wave rolling through the land. It picked them up and knocked them down when it went through, and they immediately headed back to the work site, which was a shambles.

Between the stolen election, rampant fraud and theft, and the rapid planned decline of America, The Great Covid Caper will mark the beginning of the end...

All the Firefighters I've met here have been really solid people. The Firefighters and the Sheriff here seem to give us a stronger sense of "Community" than anything I'd seen in SoCal.

They gave me Fentanyl when I had my hip repaired. I joked with the Anesthesiologist about getting a good price on it down in Denver, and he cracked up. He said theirs was "Much Better, Primo Stuff All The Way!", and then I promptly went out like a light.

Polis is a clown. 'Nuff said!

Boebert kinda messed up on that one. She should have just owned up to it, and quietly left the theater. Of course the Lefties would have excoriated her anyway, but at least she wouldn't have been caught in a lie.....

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Once you get North and East of Adams and Boulder Counties, the attitude of law enforcement, and relations with the citizens markedly improve, IMO. More of a 'peace officer' mentality and less 'cop' behavior in the county. Less so in the cities. Lots of 'cops', especially Longmont and Loveland.

A gray Taurus with no stickers of any kind helps as does my attention to my driving. I don't need the hassles given the work I do.

Polis? Term limited but has Presidential aspirations.

Ami said...

I don't trust the DNA testing thing. Too many stories out there about how wrong it is. Personally, I know identical twins (my cousins) who got wildly differing results about their ancestry.

Pretty sure my mom has ostriches in her ancestry, though.
I know it's a myth, ostriches don't really put their heads in a hole in the ground... but I like to say it all the same. It makes me smile.

Have you tried telling the dog that you're busy and to come back later?

Wild, wild west said...

"his observations are blunt, to the point, and unfiltered"

Hmmm. That sounds oddly familiar. In fact, I've been accused of those character traits myself. Does it perhaps get worse with age? I seem to.

Not really kidding either, WSF. Been that way for years, although I do try to temper it.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I've heard that. What Ancestry has provided to me has been accurate as far as cousins and aunts.

Cuts to the chase, doesn't it?

Old NFO said...

Well, you're certainly all over the place today! :-) Always like the various items you point out!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Kind of my life story; all over the place. Glad you enjoy my scribbles.

LSP said...

My dog's busy snatching dish towels off the counter and tearing them up with fierce abandon. For some reason I like this.

Then there's "posting." Just sling up any old nonsense you care to think about, that's what I do and devil take the hindmost. Just be sure you don't contradict ant government narratives. That's NOT ALLOWED. Because Free Speech, obvs.

LSP said...


Dean Robenson said...

The First of many more to come of Biden’s impeachment inquiry hearing will be held on this coming Thursday, September 28th.
On that day the House Committee on Oversight
will hold an impeachment inquiry hearing. We will present evidence uncovered to date and hear from legal and financial experts about crimes the Bidens may have committed as they brought in millions at the expense of U.S. interests,
Besides the bank records, the Suspicious Activity Reports, the Wire Transfers, the Private Bank Transactions, the 20 LLCs, the Texts, the Emails, the Messages, the Photos of Joe with Hunter's Business Partners, the Voicemails to His Son, the Two Business Partners Saying Joe Is the "Brand," the "Big Guy”, and "the chairman," the two IRS Whistleblowers testimony, the Recorded Phone Calls Between Biden and Poroshenko, the Video of Joe Biden Bragging about Firing the Ukrainian Prosecutor, and Hunter's statements that he's giving his Dad half his income,
Most probably the circumstantial evidence that htey have alone is going to be enough to have him Impeached. BUT, BUT Trump made a “Phone Call”!

Dean Robenson said...

Nikki Haley already beats Grampa Biden in the polls. Now she needs to win the next Republican debate
Haley's experience and thoughtful answers on abortion, the national debt and foreign policy, and the Border show she's got the leadership ability, and reasoned temperament to do the country's Top job, and do it well..we need to elect her as the GOP Candidate.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Occasionally I feel rebellious and post something that agrees with the government's narratives. Not often, but it has happened. My blog isas organized and directed as a marching cat drill team.

The Biden "impeachment" will go nowhere but will serve many political agendas. I like Nikki Haley. She seems to have a backbone.

Your remark is deleted. Please re-read the blog header. Too bad, a good comment.

Thinking said...

o ANY BLM supporter. CAN you show us any video or pictures of hundreds of white people terrorizing, the cities, or the Police like the black BLM folks have done, ever?
There are very different crime categories in the United States that Black people and white people do while committing crimes. Everybody knows this. Common crimes, violent, brutal crimes. It’s a worldwide issue. There is a phenomenon though in America where Black Lives Matter (BLM) people in the hundreds or even in the thousands of terrorized cities across America. It happened in large numbers of 2020 and it happened over the summer of 2023. We can all recall the video about 30 Black people beating the “Crap” out of a white woman.

And these young Black people who are committing these violent crimes looting all over the place their behavior is a disgrace to their ancestors. Making these business’s close up their stores, and. What doesn’t help the situation are politicians and celebrities making these stupid excuses for it and than claiming that blacks have it worse than America that only makes things worse and creates more, and more UNJUSTIFIED chaos.

The challenge to any BLM supporter in this country is to put up or shut up. If you folks claim that white people or Trump supporters “do the same thing” then show us all pictures of it. You have to show a picture or a video of 100 white people with Trump supporters perhaps Looting City, After City. Acting in a degraded Manor using the N-word or something like that just like black BLM people do in Philadelphia calling each other the N-word, brutalizing whites, especially the elderly, and the Women and Terrorize businesses, and cities and thinking it’s funny.

And on top of it all Biden folks can’t keep bringing up January 6. It’s getting really old, and extremely BORING!.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Most of this is enabled by social media. If the promoters, who can easily be identified, are arrested and charged, we might see change. Will the political class enable law enforcement to do their job? Will a groundhog get elected president?

Suzanne said...

Not only was did Maxwell Alejandro Frost (Democratic Party) use a very foul and inappropriate word when she referred to Trump's bathroom where he stored classified documents as a "shitter" she also dressed very inappropriately wearing fancy designer clothes and just carrying herself in a way that is very ghetto, subhuman and quite frankly, Un-American. And she is actually a lawyer, obviously she passed the bar due to affirmative action; I wonder how did the Dallas and Duncanville area ever elect this woman, but blacks tend to vote for ghetto trash. Just because she was the youngest black lawmaker in the Texas state house; and authored more bills than any other freshman congressman; that doesn't mean she isn't ghetto trash...I mean, she isn't even a grandmother at 36; or going thru a divorce; or having fun getting caught giving out hand jobs in a theater; something a real American congresswoman would do. But when you can't refute a single word she said, then you must bring up the fact that she is trash straight from the Ghetto’s Gutter.

And then there is this other Ghetto’s Trash thug....Maxwell Frost Democrat ...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Tsk, tsk.
Only a nasty rumor Boebert was pleasuring her date.

LSP said...

Dammit, WSF, where did you get that photo of my wife?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Off the internet. Silt, CO's gift to Congress. Your wife was hot!

Thinking said...

There is no doubt that the man behind the scene Barrack Obama the progressive communist democrats must find a replacement for the Demented Joe Biden, the cognitively impaired, corrupt, psychopathic liar who now serves as the President of the United States.

The most likely candidate is another one of the psychopath’s , California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, who presides over a single-party Progressive Communist Democrat state that has fallen to an insolvent and in SEVERE DECLINE. And as others have said Crooked Joe Biden is Not Only Dumb and Incompetent, but has as Gone MAD as a Raving Lunatic! How else can you explain the FACT that Our Country Is Being Destroyed by a buffoon with the Mind, and the Idea of keeping our Border Open!
Why isn’t Joe Biden's and his entire family being prosecuted for the crimes documented on Hunter Biden’s Laptop?
For heaven’s sake, Trump was Impeached for a Phone Call!