Saturday, September 16, 2023

A Little Pot Stirring (Because I an't got much)

Robust Conversation – (P)regressive Definition

Shut up and listen to what we want (and demand).

New Mexico 2nd Amendment Cluster***k

Things are getting interesting. Even a Biden appointed judge couldn’t stomach the Governor’s overreach. Down the road we Colorado residents may see relief from onerous laws.


Pass the popcorn.

Moffat Tunnel

The tunnel is owned by the State of Colorado. The lease expires in January 2025. WSF predicts the new lease will be written to prohibit the transport of fossil fuels through the tunnel. This is a golden opportunity for the environazis to kill the coal industry in Colorado and cripple the oil industry, they think.


 Between Emperor Polis and the left dominated Legislator it is a slam dunk for the environazis.

 The other player is the Union Pacific railroad who owns the rail right of way on either side of the tunnel. They may just shut it down. Precedent? They shut down the Tennessee Pass route after acquiring the Denver and Rio Grande.

Their options? Their historic route across Wyoming to Emeryville, CA and from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. Closing the old D&RG route won’t put them out of business. They still have no restrictions from Bond, CO westward and can still haul Western Slop coal and petroleum over that route. Another option is to reopen the Tennessee Pass route.

Things may get interesting.

Just how ‘trackage rights’ might affect decisions is beyond my knowledge. Could the State rent trackage rights to, say, the BNSF?

A long explanation of trackage rights.


Personal note. My father was the section foreman for the Moffat Tunnel in the early 1950’s and we lived in East Portal. I have an attachment to the place and I am pained to see the infrastructure deteriorate the way it has. Whether that is the responsibility of Colorado or the Union Pacific isn’t clear.

Ignored Threat

Disclaimer. I am not, and do not, advocate any action to accomplish what I am about to point out.

When the Moffat Tunnel was under construction a small pilot bore was the first phase. The tunnel bore was then dug next to the pilot bore. The pilot bore was enlarged and now caries Western Slope water for consumption by Denver and the Englewood suburb. That water tunnel is, IMO,  an easy target for sabotage.

As always, YMMV




Old NFO said...

At some point, the RR WILL just shut things down and go elsewhere...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The UP has mainly played hardball over the decades.

Wild, wild west said...

To paraphrase COL Jeff Cooper, there ain't many things that a man can't fix, with seven hundred dollars' worth of dynamite sticks.

I'm not suggesting anything either, of course.

Well Seasoned Fool said...


Thinking said...

What Happened To Biden’s Unity Agenda?

Less than two years ago, “President” Joe Biden stood in front of the U.S. Capitol in the wake of the Jan. 6 riots and delivered his inaugural address. He called for UNITY, and Americans who see a politically fractured country had more than welcomed it. He could have then put together an agenda that would have accomplished many of his goals while also helping heal the country. On Covid-19, Infrastructure and other Important matters, there was a road to massive bipartisan support that had olened wide. We focus a lot on disagreements, but in each of these areas, the average American citizens shares a broad consensus that Biden could have reached with an agenda of UNITY!.

Oddly, after dedicating his inauguration to national UNITY, Biden has abandoned the much welcomed Unity agenda entirely.
A group of 10 influential Republicans approached him with such a package. Biden rejected them and instead signed the most expensive spending bill in U.S. history, without a single Republican vote. This $1.9 trillion monstrosity delayed relief for average Americans by weeks in order to include non-COVID-19 related pork. It even changed the formula for aid to state and local governments to favor larger Blue States over smaller Red States.
Biden and the Democrats were LYING! Isn’t that a Shocker!
Unity means reducing the country to one party

Unity to Joey means indoctrinating all the children to think like the Democrats do. .
Unity to Joey means censoring social media to reflect a common narrative!
So yea, Joey is all about Unity!
Joey is Uniting the Country. Just like he said he would. Uniting them to think the way he want them to think!

So the Bottom Line is that All you Biden / Unity voters I have one word for you...SUCKERS!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Old cliche. You can tell when a politician is lying if their lips are moving. In SloJo's case, does he even understand what his handlers have him saying?

Thinking said...

Are we really going to even CONSIDER voting for that Demented, Delusional Old COOT Biden? Do we want a President that doesn’t even know what day it is, or what State he is in? Or who his wife is?
Look around our one time Great country and see what has happened to ot in 2 short years! ; Look at the signs of decay in America’s Cities, that are everywhere. Mostly in areas that are Governed by Mayors, and Governors who are Progressive Communist Democrats who are more interested in their political power over people. We are seeing a destroyed Society. Not a Great Nation that existed only 2 short years ago. Pre-Biden, and Pre-Obama! Yes we can "Build Back Better" but not with a Democratic President.
SHAW The Author of the Blog that I speak about speaks about "LUNACY" , IT WOULD BE "LUNACY" TO RE-ELECT BIDEN, OR any DEMOCRATIC AGAIN.....EVER!

Mega Maga Man said...

You can Bitch and Whine all you want about how horrible things have gotten since Joe Biden was PUT into the office of the President of these United States of America but truth of the matter is that things are only going to get worse in the years to come. When we are a Third World Nation and that won’t be to long form now the days of the Trump Presidency will be the good old days.
And lets fact the facts! The more ILLEGAL Immigrants that Biden and his Conies bring in, and allowed in the FILTHIER, and the more CRIME RIDDEN, and DISEASE RIDDEN this City, and the entire United States of America will be..

Thinking said...

Listening to Merrick Garland speak he made it obvious that he knows nothing, understands nothing, questions nothing, recalls nothing, has learned nothing and is capable of doing nothing.And according to him Hunter and Joe didn't commit any crimes, it was all in the Big Bad Orange Man’s imagination.

He is the perfect Biden Attorney General
So, exactly what did we learn today?
I learned that Merrick Garland is a Dishonest Lying piece of Crap who didn't actually answer any questions because he was hiding And that he was hiding what he knows. Anybody with a half of a brain could see that.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Was Garland's lips moving?

Thinking said...

First of all, I thing that the author of this idiotic blog Dave Miller should go back to school, or to wherever he learned this Crap that he wrote.
He claims that this moron Garland knows what he's talking about!
NO, he's nothing more than another Lying idiot put into office by another Lying Idiot!
The way over his head Attorney General Merrick Garland claimed that He is not the president's lawyer! Oh Really?
Geeeeeeee, I wonder who nominated that Ding-Bat Garland to his position? But, he's not the president's lawyer. And, he's not a prosecutor. Oh, wait a minute, he IS a prosecutor.
The lying delusional old coot may not claim to be Potatohead's lawyer but we know for a fact he runs the enforcement branch of the filthy Democrat Party.

He will go down in history as one of the villains that made this country the Banana Republic that it is today.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

"He will go down in history"

That will depend onwho writes the history.

LSP said...

I agree with Thinking, obvs, but WSF, I'm a bit concerned. Do you somehow disagree with your rulers?

Perhaps you should both report yourselves, immediately.

LSP said...

Sorry, forgot to say, do you remember the old song, "My, What A Bright Glow"?


Well Seasoned Fool said...

I'm not familiar with that song and my limited search skills didn't find it.

I must be in constant discord with 'rulers' as I regard myself as a citizen and not subject. Report? In a country full of snitches that isn't necessary. Just having you on my blogroll will guarantee AI will mark me for observation and eventual relocation.

Thinking said...

The Socialist-Democrats led by Mr. Potatohead is seriously considering a per-mile gas tax would require some sort of a surveillance device into your vehicle that could be used for everything, from setting your Insurance rates, monitoring and punishing driving infractions, tracking your location, and even reporting on your personal communications via the car’s built-in communications systems. The actually proposed system uses a smartphone app for its connectivity and possibly data collection points as ubiquitous as roadside license plate readers.
This is not a big joke, but another insane idea from our current Vegetable- In Chief.
This Bottom line will result to …living in a police state, and it’s getting much worse.
And the obvious way to cancel this INSANITY is to Vote the Crazed Progressive Communist Democrats out of office.
Otherwise I’d advise you to think of the consequences

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Voting them out will require honest elections. I don't see that happening.