Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Wandering Mind of Captain Obvious


The joys of high tech! You can start your Tesla with a key fob or your cell phone. What happens if your key fob battery is dead and you are somewhere your cell phone doesn’t get service? Call a tow truck!

First three minutes.



Seems I’m in a new Congressional District.

Sister Kink, aka Lori Saine, is now running for Congress. Put Sister Kink in my blog Search and you will find several posts about her. Talking with Sisty, she remarked how pistol packing Lauren Boebert from Congressional District 3 and Lori would be quite a combination in D.C. Maybe give “The Squad” some competition?

To date, there are at least twelve candidates in the primary.

For those interested, a fairly accurate summation can be found here.

 Sisty and I don’t dive deep into politics. She is guarded about her views as she is a long term board member of a fifty year old community health organization and must deal with whoever is in elected office.

Just to be crystal clear, Sisty doesn’t, and never has, made one dime for her work with the organization. It is her passion.



I’m not much interested in that mess other than not wanting to see any of our service members mixed in with the shitty leadership we now have.

 Do read Lone Star Parson’s blog for some in depth insight. He makes a strong case for this being a religious war.

Then there is the possibility of Russian, and/or Chinese cyber attacks on our infrastructure. The shadow operatives from Obama’s shadow government aren’t any more competent than they were when he was President. His third term is even more of a disaster than his first two terms.

Locally our elected official are appalled and supporting sanctions.  Emperor Polis has directed the state pension fund withdraw any money from Russian banks. Wow! What a safe place to put employee’s life savings.


Two Wire Winter

Riding Shotgun, a YouTuber, recently had a trip across Rabbit Ears Pass into Steamboat Springs. The lack of snow is worrisome. The Yampa, along with the White River (Meeker) is a major tributary of the Colorado River. Don’t expect Lake Powell and Lake Mead to improve much this year. The snow in the Southern Rockies has been decent which will help the Arkansas and Rio Grande basins. The Colorado will be helped by the Gunnison and the Green out of Wyoming. Unless we have a huge March, next summer could be worse than last year.



 Seems the Canadian elites don’t grasp that trucks can be parked everywhere, not just downtown Ottawa. How do you force someone to drive? Our elites probably can’t grasp the concept, either.



 An online magazine catering to the elite and wannabe elite audiences that has some interesting reads. I’m interested in Western stream flows and livestock grazing. A recent article was of interest.

A reprint of a “scientific” paper has many references to “climate change” and “global warming”. Just in case readers aren’t sharp enough to grasp the salient points, the author graciously underlined key words and phrases. Presumptuous? 

Certain plants and trees, such as sagebrush and invasive tamarack, soak up water and choke out other vegetation. Native Americans understood this and would deliberately burn sagebrush covered prairies. In one to two seasons the native grasses, which bison preferred, would take over. Springs, stream flow and rivers benefited.  As an example in Northeast Colorado is the Arikaree River. Now an intermittent stream, it once had a good flow.



Getting That Fresh Ride

 Along with catalytic converter thefts, expect higher insurance rates.


New Banner Hazard


We have a new resident who has installed a dog treat station Banner passes on the way to and from the elevator. Weakling that I am, when we return I toss a treat down the hall.  Off leash, he charges after it much to the amusement of some, but not all, neighbors. After retrieving it, he proudly prances around with several snorts. He rarely barks and never tries to take something off a table or counter. I won the dog lottery with him (most of the time).


Doesn’t Fit the “Narrative”

 I’m not smart enough to understand all of the science in this report but fear for the researchers.

 Yet another doubting Thomas.


Another Explanation for Weird Rock Formations

 This is an area I enjoy wandering. Not so much now as my younger years.



 My late son, the Medic, suffered from chronic reflex pain syndrome from his service injuries. Self medication errors may have contributed to his early death.  Any progress in this area I find encouraging.

 A wandering mind may be a dangerous mind. As always, YMMV.





LL said...

Lots of topics and food for thought - especially Banner, who you may spoil.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Banner is "well cared for".

Old NFO said...

You're on a roll, and all good ones, thanks!

Ami said...

There is NO POINT in having a dog unless he or she is spoiled, part of the family and spoiled. Also, it's okay to spoil a dog.

LSP said...

Thanks for the shout, I thought it was an important perspective.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thank you.

Agree, so long as you are the established pack leader. Dogs are pack animals and are most content when they know their place in the pack.

It is a very important perspective and I hope a few people will consider it who, like me, never consider it.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"A good dog, Who can find one?"
Looks like you have.

Well Seasoned Fool said...