Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A Wandering Mind


Solyent Green

Are we being set up? Plant based foods exposed. I won’t eat that crap.


Then there is this insanity.



The spin doctors are on overdrive gaslighting.


Gun Grabber News

He is an Expert (Expert: A drip under pressure)


What comes through with his bloviating is his contempt for those who might disagree with him.

Then we have this idiot who makes an argument for every gun grabber.


You picked the wrong jurisdiction, Bubba, for that kind of behavior. You will get hammered.

A long time advocate for gun grabbing, Littwin, has some understanding of what he advocates, other than piddle shit like the Constitution. You might say he is the intellectual go to man for gun grabbers in Colorado.


Lastly, feel good laws that don’t do squat but make criminals out of good citizens. These kinds of laws again show the contempt (P)regressives have toward we great unwashed.


Spot On!



My Credit Union sent me a new debit card. There was a number to call to activate it. After following the voice prompts, I was transferred. A chirpy, English as a second language, female came on the line. I couldn’t understand her and hung up.

These calls centers piss me off. Trying to understand the speaker, and trying to get my task accomplished, is frustrating. I’m the customer, damn it, and I won’t put up with the bullshit.

Today I went in person to the local credit union office and had them activate it.

One more point. I will not discuss any financial information with call centers. Paranoid? Yes! Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean scammers aren’t out to get me.

Does this make me a racist? Do I give a shit if I am?



Wonder how that worked out for him?


My apologies for not using hyperlinks. My computer skills are poor and my ability to read and follow instructions lacking (no damn patience, among other things).


1996 model years were the start of OBS 2 outlets in cars and trucks. The Buick is a 1995. We have a bi-annual emissions check in portions of Weld County that must be passed before license plates will be issued. The Buick easily passed but went down the old beater lane.

Usually the place is jammed. Today most of the employees were standing around. Did they decide to open a second beater lane? Surely you jest.  I was surprised to see them using mirrors to inspect the exhaust systems. The car in front of me, a Dodge Intrepid, was inspected by a team for over 10 minutes. Back in the day in the car biz I looked under every trade in. Often, the catalytic converter was missing. Missing that will really diminish your gross profit.

The employees were extremely polite, a welcome change from past visits. I hate taking my old Mighty Max in as not everyone there can drive a manual transmission and they seem to delight in revving the engine.

Getting your plates can go two ways. Sit on your ass for six hours or make an appointment. I chose door number two. The first open slot last week when I made an appointment was 10:15 on 4/28.

Amazon Dilemma

I don’t like the “woke” nature of this company. They treat their employees poorly, I’ve been told. Still, they are damn convenient and quick.  I try to shop locally. When something on Amazon is 1/3 the price of a local retailer, I click on the button and in the next day or two the product is at my door.

Petty Crime

This from a relative who works for Flying J.


So much for a Wyoming crime wave.

More “Woke” Bullshit

Meanwhile in Colorado, COVID is the excuse to let criminals roam free. Can’t have them in jail; they might get sick. There is a bill sitting in the Colorado Senate that mandates personal recognizance bail for a wide range of felonies and misdemeanors. While the (P)regressive dominate the House, they only have a slight majority in the Senate. We can only hope the Republicans show some guts (Hey! It could happen).


Complete Colorado

A real source for state news. Published by the Independence Institute, I send a few shekels their way monthly.  In part, because the opposition deserves to be supported and, in part, because the money isn’t squander (unlike the NRA)

Yes, you are donating to the Independence Institute, which publishes Complete Colorado. But please, rest assured your donation goes to support Complete Colorado, not Jon Caldara’s drinking habit. It is also tax deductible!

 More “For  Your Own Good” Law


 We have a steady stream of assaults on person privacy. Any “lists” the government creates can be used for other purposes. History is on my side when I say that.

 Banner says, “Speaking of Privacy”.

He is now saying, get off you fat ass and take me for my morning walk.



Ami said...

Okay, so the 'don't eat beef' thing had nothing to do with Biden.
Not that I care, beef seems to be not so great for me these days. Getting old.

I absolutely hate getting someone on the other end of the phone who doesn't speak English as their first language. Call centers are in other countries because business owners/corporations have found still another way to pinch pennies while they flush huge stacks of dollars.

But I have been known to say, "I pressed one for English, could I please have that option?"

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Not Biden himself but people in his administration.

Old NFO said...

Sigh...I want to see them come to Texas and try to tell people NOT to eat beef... And you're on a roll. When I get one of those call centers, I keep escalating until I get an American on the phone. It may take a while, but I've been successful every time!

Ami said...

The bogus beef story started in Great Britain in the tabloid The Daily Mail.
NONE of it has anything to do with reality.
No one in Biden's administration had anything to do with it.
Took me about five minutes to read five different articles explaining what happened.

Disagreeing is fine. Trying to stick to facts is more important now than it's ever been.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My information came, in part, from the Colorado Cattlewomen's members. Obscure college "studies" have a way of emerging when people have an agenda. Gaslighting the Internet is a new art form.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

If the radicals can't find a crisis, they will manufacture one. Makes for a big distraction in red states as a bonus.