Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Author, Author


“You should write a book”, a neighbor said, “Your blog is interesting”.

After thanking her for her kind remark about my blog, I told her authors needs both talent and discipline, qualities I lack. As Dirty Harry said in several movies, “A man should know his limitations”. In ten years, my blog has had around 11.7K page views. Many of the bloggers on my sidebar get that many in two months. Clearly, my “audience” isn’t that large.

I still retain a clear memory of “constructive criticism” from 1979. At the time, while working for a UBC compliant manufactured home company, I wrote a detailed instruction manual on how to install a modular home. I floated a draft among my colleagues. One, who was blunter than even me said, “This is the best set of instructions I’ve ever read, if I could read it. We need to have a ‘professional’ writer redo it to make it more readable”.

As it happened, I was married to a ‘professional writer’, so I hired her. Painfully, sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph, she questioned me as in, “What do you mean here?” Her re-write was received to high praise by my colleagues and was soon printed in a pamphlet and given to customers.

We should have applied for a copyright. Our competitors copied it and used it with their customers.

My blog is my personal worldly, and wordy, bloviating. If others enjoy it, or it really pisses off people, so much the better.

My only other writing endeavor is a series of agitprop postings under the heading, “Stirring the pot”, published on a Facebook page. The gaslighters, aka “Fact Checkers” often jump on my posts. That is a big ego boost. 

Maybe I need to get a life.


Old NFO said...

Keep on keeping on. We enjoy your blog and commentary... :-)

drjim said...

By all means keep going. "The Adventures of Banner" and the "Activities of the Coven" are always fun to read!

Suzanne said...

The verdict is in and Joe Biden’s first press conference was a colossal catastrophe.
To be honest, after stealing the 2020 election, there wasn’t much that Biden could have done or said to appease the 80 million Americans who he stole the election from. But then again he didn’t want to.
Biden actually read off a pre-written list as he called on various PRE-Selected reporters, and he already had pre-written answers they he has 2-3 weeks to have one of his ADVISERS -pre written for him. during his first formal press conference in office
As we noted already, Biden lied throughout the presser and laughed and mocked President Trump. This didn’t work for Obama who won the 2008 election, it sure wasn’t going to work for Biden who stole the 2020 election from the man he mocked:.
And by the way, FOX News’s reporter Peter Doocy was NOT called on by Biden , and neither were ANY FOX, or NEWSMAX REPORTERS who would have given him questions that would have been much more relevant, then the Soft-Ball question he was given.

So, Lets set the record straight:
First of all, Joe Biden stole the election from President Trump. President Trump set a record and Biden’s gang of crooks had to steal a record to claim the White House. Biden knows it and the world knows it.?
2. Joe Biden is unable to function on his own. He has the physical and mental abilities of a person late in life lacking the strength and wits to handle this job on his own.
3. The social media, and the socialist media, the Democrats, and the whole administration, Department of Justice, etc. knows that Joe Biden stole the election are all fine with it. It’s all about power.?
4. The media is a joke. They asked NO unapproved questions. They had no follow-up questions and they were happy to be Lap Dogs and praise Biden for being able to stand up for 45 minutes.
Biden was rambling at times, but all and all, I thing that Joe did a better job than I expected, for Mr. Potato Head, it was fair. FAR from outstanding, but adequate.
As for the future, I see a very, very dark ending for the Biden-Harris Regime and the Democrat Marxist Socialist, and the rest of the Democrat Party. Because that was probably his first and last press conference because they’ll never let him out in public like that again

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thank you.

LOL. At the moment the Coven is dysfunctional. They are in a spat like some middle school tweens.

Agree with you.

LSP said...

WSF, your blog's great.

For what it's worth, I think part/most of the thing functions as a kind of diary which we care to make public. If that's interesting and people like it, or uninteresting and people like it or not at all... so what. We've said our bit and there it is.

Write on.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thank you.