Sunday, March 14, 2021

Winter Weather


Weather forecast was correct, so far. A blanket of wet, heavy snow fell overnight. Calm, until around 0745, but now we have wind. That may be a blessing as the trees are now shedding their snow load.

Our power was out for about five minutes and the dog and I live in an all electric building on the third floor. My knees don’t like stairs. Worse, the coffee pot is electric as is the stove!

Some enjoy romping in the snow (for about five minutes).

My concern is the wind along with more snow. It could make for an interesting Sunday. Since the forecast has been correct so far, let it be accurate going forward. Tomorrow is forecasted to be clear (sort of).

For now, Banner and I are snug, dry and warm with no reason to brave the roads.

UPDATE: Power keeps going off then coming back on in minutes. As much as I loath Xcel as a company, my admiration for their people in the field is exactly opposite.


LSP said...

"snug, dry, and warm."


It's in the '70s here, which is nice, though I suspect Climate Trickery.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

We are getting a slow melting which is good for the water table.