Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Do You Have a Recipe for Crow?


Emperor Polis, our Boulder County trust fund snot Governor, pissed off a lot of people suggesting March 20th as a “meatless day”.

Polis’ partner, Marlon Reis, is a vegetarian and a Boulder County native.

The uproar caused by Polis’ proclamation has reached levels even tone deaf Polis can’t ignore. From the local rag:

Also in the area yesterday, were Kamala Harris and her husband.  No links, look for yourself if interested.

Sister Kink (Lori Saine, newly elected Weld County Commissioner) and Congressman Ken Buck are having a pancake and bacon breakfast Saturday in “support” of  Polis’ meatless day. Since the location is near a favorite grocery store, and Banner’s dog food supply is running low, I will probably attend

Please excuse the poor computer skills. I haven’t mastered hyperlinks.


Old NFO said...

Go enjoy the food and get Banner to lick her... LOL

LL said...

Are they asserting that "bacon isn't meat". If so, I have to agree. It transcends all.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

When we opened a used car lot in Windsor, CO I picked Lori to run it. She met Dudley Brown, founder of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners organization, who had a radio station across the street. That was the start of her political career. I refuse to take any credit, or blame, for what happened after that.

Lori is one of the hardest workers I've ever know, and super competitive. Most Saturday mornings after the sales meeting, we would have a "Six Position Sales" contest. She will admit, grudgingly, I was her only competition.

If you were good, you could stand at six different places around the car and rattle off a minimum of ten, "Feature, Advantage, Benefit" items.

"Folks, this car has safety rims. Imagine having a catastrophic tire failure of this front tire at 75 MPH! That is terrible, but the car's safety rims will keep the tire on the rim and prevent it from jamming up the steering so you can safely slow down and stop. Don't you think that is important?"

Safety rims have been a Federal requirement since 1932.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I don't know why they picked bacon. Knowling Lori, she probably worked a "deal". If I get a chance, I will ask her.

LSP said...

Enjoy the bacon. And now I remember that Colorado has a "First Gentleman." We're clearly reaching peak degeneracy. What a disgrace.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

They have been a 'couple' for seventeen years and have adopted two children. Both have been hospitalized for, what is reported, COVID-19. Polis has now asked the 'First Gentleman' to join him in matrimony. He has also issued 260 or so Executive Orders and he is only in his first term.

Since I'm no theologian, and both are Jewish, I don't know what they will face when they leave this world.

Old NFO said...

WSF, just an update from a local on the ground in CO, 25 or 26 counties are now having Meat-Ins... At least one county is planning a BBQ on the courthouse lawn! LOL

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Emperor Polis stepped on his peepee with this. I can't remember CO citizens being united on a single subject, ever.