Sunday, July 9, 2017

Voter Suppression

Left and right, people are going bat shit about President Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity.

Crazy! Depending on the various state laws, most, if not all, this information is public information available to anyone willing to pay for it. As an example, Colorado.

Doesn’t stop the fruit loops from making a “statement”.

Personally, I find the hypocrisy of those screaming about possible Russian meddling in our election while not caring about potential domestic meddling disgusting.

This isn’t just about the media bashing the president. At the county level voter fraud keeps  corrupt county commissioners, sheriffs, judges, and district attorneys in office. Some readers of this blog (all ten of you) live in one of those counties and know how hard it is to get rid of the bastards.

So, good on you, President Trump. You are the first president in my lifetime to keep your campaign promises.

 Just for the record, I don’t agree with some of those promises.


Took this off Facebook and can't verify the facts but it does go to my points.


  1. Yep, for all those that 'swear' there is no voter fraud, they sure don't want to show 'their' records to anybody... sigh...

    1. Picking on your adopted state, and history, good old boy LBJ was the master of voter manipulation.

  2. I'm from Illinois, near Chicago.

    Mayor Daley made LBJ look like an amateur!

  3. It would be simple to create voter integrity. Creating a national voting card the way that many nations do. When you vote, they punch your card. Fingerprint (scan) against the national database to receive your card. If you don't vote in three straight elections, the card becomes invalid and you must re-apply.

    1. Excellent idea but the cynic in me doubts there is a sing Federal agency run well enough to bring it off.

    2. Let alone the balls to suggest it....