Sunday, July 16, 2017

Poor Dogs, Facing Unemployment?

Man’s best friend is being slapped down by the courts.  Remember, marijuana is legal, with restrictions, in Colorado. From Craig, CO.

There is a pithy remark that has a link to the entire court opinion. I grew up 40 miles from there and have many connections to the area. Law enforcement in that town has always been, shall we say, “flexible”.

Speaking of “flexible” another case where people are at the mercy of petty tyrants.

Sucks to live in public housing.

Remember, folks, Colorado laws only apply within the state borders and state law enforcement. Will you be searched by Feds? Maybe, and Federal law will apply.

Surrounding states? Oh yah! Those folks read, too.

My advice to visitors and residents? Do your baking in private, not on the roads, and find another way to get your stash home instead of your car. Colorado borders seven states, all with some very sharp Smokies, that love drug busts and have no restrictions on their dogs.
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