Saturday, July 1, 2017

Road Less Taken

Back from my mental health break and feeling refreshed. Mainly took back roads, stayed off Interstates, and cruised along with very little traffic to deal with. Not all happy times. On the road above a pickup passed me going the opposite direction and caused a rock chip in my new windshield.

Lots of open space. 

Part of the inspiration for the trip.

Home away from home in Harrison, NE.

Had to suffer some noisy neighbors.

Fairly new foal in the group. Full of himself and didn't let me get a good photograph.

More to come in the days ahead with many pictures.


LL said...

That sounds like a fun trek

Well Seasoned Fool said...

It was. Still learning about the little tent camper and my physical imitations. Next step is working out a solar/battery system to power my CPAP. That will free me from the need for campgrounds.

drjim said...

You'll need a panel, a charge controller,a deep cycle battery, and an inverter unless your CPAP runs on "12 Volts" DC.

Looks like a refreshing little trip!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I have a spare 12 volt battery. I'm thinking of a plastic housing like for a boat and one solar panel. The battery can be a full charge before I start a trip and then hooked to the solar charger while camped.

I have a CPAP that will run on 12 volt but need to find components to hook it up. My concern is most auto batteries are more like 14 volt and I need to research if that will be a problem.

Eagle Picher offers a line of smaller lead acid batteries with chargers at Battery +. Online users have reported four nights use on one charge. That might be the way to go.