Wednesday, June 28, 2017

More Reefer Madness

Recent news articles and bloggers have been discussing traffic crashes in States with legal pot compared to those around them.
One comparison was Colorado as opposed to Wyoming and Utah. 

OK, Wyoming has nothing comparable to Interstate 25 between Fort Collins and Pueblo.

Utah has Interstate 15 which rivals the  insane corridors of many in the nation. Utah, being heavily populated by Latter Day Saints probably has far fewer pot smokers per capita. However, being populated by Latter Day Saints, who seem to drive like they are going to meet their maker, it is probably a wash.

Outside of Colorado, both the sellers and buyers of pot are criminals. Since the buyer is already breaking the law, what moral incentive is there for them to not get baked and drive? Won’t more Colorado consumers, with their stash of legal weed, be more inclined to reach some destination before getting baked?

Government Think

In Colorado East-West highways are even numbered and North-South highways are odd numbered. Things get weird. Take Colorado Highway 52 which starts on the Diagonal Highway between Longmont and Boulder. It terminates just East of New Raymer at Highway 14. At least a third or more of Highway 52 runs North-South. Consider a traffic camera South of Highway 14.

Here Hwy 52 runs North-South but CDOT says the traffic is moving West because Hwy 52 is an East-West Highway. They are quite serious about this.

Pity the out of state driver trying to make sense of it.

Owner/Operator Truckers

There was a man broke down along Highway 14. While I rarely give rides, I did give him a ride into Fort Morgan. After dropping him off, couldn’t get this song out of my head.

Mental Health Break

Off tomorrow for three days to explore NW Nebraska. Doubt my cheap cell phone service will work there and I’m not taking the laptop. Blogging and comments will resume Sunday.

Finally, a bit of low life male humor.

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