Saturday, June 24, 2017

Illinois is insolvent. Can’t even pay lottery winners.

They have a pension problem.

So the solution is in Washington, D.C.?

Nice public relations campaign. Nothing in there to suggest the USA taxpayers bail them out. Snort. You can see that train coming if you only look.

So, WSF, why do you care? I don’t. I do care that the precedence will soon come to Colorado and make us Illinois Lite.

Colorado is unique in having TABOR (Taxpayers Bill of Rights). While the Silicon Valley billionaires and assorted trust funders have made Colorado purple, if not blue, TABOR has kept the (P)regressives hobbled.

We have our own public pension problem.

The people running things are making all the right noises. I don’t believe them. Soon they will be working to make the taxpayers pay for their mismanagement, IMO. TABOR to block?

I must say, regarding Illinois, I rather like that portion South of I-70 and the residents. Good people, for the most part.
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