Friday, June 16, 2017

Yeah, But

We are seeing a resurgence in fracking in Northern Colorado. Jobs, $15-50 an hour, are opening. There is a general feeling of optimism in the air. People are shopping and spending money. Lots of cars and trucks, mainly late model used, on the road with happy tags (temporary permits).

Yeah, but! Damned oil field trash drivers. You wonder if the HR Departments have some special selection process to hire only rude and thoughtless drivers.

Overweight, under powered, and running side by side on four lane highways for mile after mile. Assholes!

Along the Front Range are small towns that are now trendy suburbs, or exurbs. The residents don't know their history, how these towns were once coal mining towns for underground mines.

(And hey! A lot of that coal is still there and extraction is financially viable with strip mining)

A relative lives in one of these towns. She and her husband are angry that a similar sight to this one is 1/2 mile from their neighborhood and they see it every time they go to work.

What makes me shake my jowls is this. She is a coal miner's daughter. Her father put groceries on the table for twenty years killing his kidneys on a bulldozer in a strip mine. That fracking rig, which will be gone in a year leaving a small well head, is putting groceries on a lot of tables.

We are enjoying some of the lowest electric costs in the nation due to being up to our asses in natural gas and the power plants burning it. Gasoline? Around $2.50 a gallon or lower even with the seasonal jump. 

Yeah, but it is icky and awful to look at (but we will keep the lower costs. Aren't we entitled?)
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