Friday, July 14, 2017

The Scourge of Pedophiles

The harm these monsters cause spreads like ripples in a pond. It may diminish, but never abates.

A man married into our extended family. Wonderful personality, everyone’s favorite uncle. Genuine WWII hero, Pearl Harbor survivor, four Purple Hearts, father of three boys, and a rapists and pedophile. Master manipulator.

He molested one girl too many and the mother saw him convicted. Caused huge resentments because the family’s name was exposed. Over twenty years ago and the resentments still flow deep. 

Admiration and love for the mother who saw justice done, by the female cousins he molested, also runs deep. Many of his victims continue to have problems with relationships, trust, alcohol, etc. Ugly.

As mentioned in previous blogs, the family maintains a private cemetery at the old family homestead.

This manipulative pervert, now 95, blind, and wheelchair bound, wants to be buried in the family cemetery.

Not only NO, but HELL NO. As one person declared, “I’ve never exhumed a body but I can”.

I do feel terrible for his three sons and their significant others. They are very welcome at family gatherings and few hold their father’s actions against them. They are fine people.

Once again this manipulative scum’s actions over the past seventy years is still causing hurt and anger.

BZ recently posted about pedophiles.

I left a comment that, in part, likens a pedophile to a rabid animal. That animal may be otherwise worthwhile but the harm it can cause requires it be put down.  So should pedophiles.


LL said...

I'm happy to hear that he lived long enough to suffer - and may he continue to live and suffer. When he croaks, take Round Up and spread it on his gravesite every spring, that it will remain dead and lifeless as he is.

There are countries where such as he is not allowed to live. Here it's different. But he can still suffer.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Must admit seeing him in his current condition gives me some satisfaction. Still a cunning and manipulative piece of shit still mind fucking certain of my cousins. Although I usually avoid lines, I will stand in line to piss on his grave.

LL said...

Piss on him while he's still alive. Live a little.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Would involve others who I care for.