Saturday, June 4, 2022

Hugo, Colorado


Business today took me to Hugo, CO (population 730), and another small town struggling to survive. Once an important part of the Union Pacific infrastructure during the steam era, the roundhouse survives and is being restored by the locals. For those interested some history.

Texas Bound

Highway 287 is a busy link between Interstate 70 and Interstate 40. Greatly improved over the years, it is still a tough days drive.

Location, location, location

Years ago my late brother-in-law was a Weld County Deputy. This was the site of many calls he made. What irked him, other than the assholes that lived there, is the location is five feet from the next county South and a long drive from most of the area he covered.


Seen at the gas station today.\

And her temp tag has expired.

Bannner stayed with my sister today which he loves.


drjim said...

Another little town that I had no ides of the location! I've heard of Limon before, because the NWS uses it as a reference point. We have/had many small towns like that back in Illinois. And most of them were on a RR line, or had a spur going to them to service the grain elevators. Many water towers left along the tracks, too, from the days of steam.

Wonder if that Quonset Hut was bought WWII surplus? My Dad spent all four of his Navy years living in/out of one of those. Makes me wonder how many he built as a SeaBee.

That 'person' refueling their car is not something I'd want to run across, day or night.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

She may be a sweetheart but I'll go with, "Don't go bothering something that ain't bothering you".

drjim said...

I'll go with my gut feeling. After all, Mother Nature always make the dangerous ones stand out with colors and distinctive markings....

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Can't disagree.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, stay away from 'her'... And I've driven 287 from Dallas to I-70 a couple of times. The WORST stretch is still the 30 miles of western Oklahoma you have to drive through! Knocked the alignment out on two different cars!!!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Boise City to Campo is the worse but at least they built a bypass around Boise City. Driving around that square was worse than any roundabout.

Anonymous said...

US HWY 287
A great diagonal road that cuts miles off a trip to NOCO from/to some beef packing towns in SW Kansas. May not be the fastest but if the traffic is not heavy it’s dandy.
30 years ago I packed up my family and we moved from Finney county KS to Weld county CO.
5 miles onto US 287 I passed the United moving van which Monfort had hired for me to move the household. In the rear view mirror of my pickup I watched our old Granada which my twin 16 yo boys were driving pass the van. Another mile I saw my wife with our 4 yo twins pass the moving van in our Voyager. There it was in my rear view mirror, every thing I owned and love framed in the mirror reflection of my poor old pickup. That sticks in my mind.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Over the years I've done a lot of business in the areas served by 287. The highway isn't one of my favorites but does take you through some interesting country.

Wild, wild west said...

Me likey that stretch between Hugo and Kit Carson because you can see a lot of antelope through there but I once got a monumental azz-eating by a Hugo po-lease orificer for going three over the posted speed limit. Finger-pointing, arm-waving, ranting, raving, etc., followed by a directive to "slow down and get the hell out of here" which I did. Obviously a slow day in the annals of Hugo law enforcement. Life on the road, a laugh a minute.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Small towns, slow day. Beware of Campo. The entire city budget is funded by traffic fines. The one time I spent even a dime in that hole was when I forgot to fuel in Boise City and rolled into Campo on fumes. Bought $2 worth of gas - enough to get us to Springfield.

Another notorious speed trap is Nunn on US 85 between Greeley and Cheyenne. Town of 400 or so with four full time police officers. I make it a point to drive 10 under just to piss them off.

LSP said...

These little towns, all asset stripped to hell. Interesting car sticker. The person who wrote it should get a sex change and enjoy being a blasphemous parody of a man/woman (I think it's mostly women) and hope its insurance covers a lifetime dependence on big pharma.

Bigger problems? Than the erasure of biological sex/gender? Well yeah, maybe.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

We can have opinions. We will answer in the next life.

Wild, wild west said...

Thanks for the tips, WSF. Noted.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

You are welcome.