Friday, June 17, 2022

Outside Territory

From time to time the company for whom I am an agent requests I work outside my territory. Given what they pay me to do these assignments tell me, to them, the assignments aren’t frivolous.

Since my territory assignments come from the same client pool as these outside assignments I try to accommodate the requests. Some, on 4WD mountain developments I decline.

I loathe assignments in Metro Denver. The header picture shows one reason. This shows the same reason in different location.

I don’t do these for the money (but insist on being paid). I do it to help the company keep their clients.

Maybe I’m still in the mode the late Jackie Cooper described as, “Winners do what losers won’t”. Others might say, “Old fools never learn”. Both may be correct.

As always, YMMV. 


drjim said...

I really don't enjoy going much closer to the center Denver Metro than about Thornton. We take the E-470 bypass to DIA, and it's worth every penny to avoid going all the way to Pena Blvd before you head to DIA. SLW pays the toll, so I'm more than glad to do it.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I agree. If/when CDOT ever gets the "improvements" done on I-25 from Harmony past Johnston it will be even easier. Of course, being a cheapskate, I know back roads that get me there. Takes 30 minutes long but think of the money I save!

LL said...

Traffic - the bane of my existence when I'm away from the hovel.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Summer in Colorado equals tourists. At one light on a four lane street five of the seven vehicles in the cluster***k had out of state license plates. That is not to say Colorado drivers are any better - just fewer tourists most months.

Go North and the Cowboys bitch about the "Greenies". Then there is Utah where everyone seems to drive like they have an appointment with the Lord, and they are running late.