Saturday, June 4, 2022

Latter Day Luddite pulls the Trigger

My five year old HP desktop, bought “refurbished” is slowly degrading with some functions not working. After much over thinking, pulled the trigger and bought (gasp) new!

Nothing elaborate, a HP all in one, and a three year protection plan. Delivered, it now sits on a spare table as I ever so painstakingly start to learn how to use it.

Way back in the dim dark past, my employer went “digital” on the accounting side. Our General Manager decreed, that for six months, the old paper system would operate alongside the computer system.

“That will cost more”, was the cry. “We are making the change to save money”.

He held firm and it wasn’t until the fifth month all the problems with the computer system were identified and fixed.

Lesson learned and remembered, I will continue to use my current computer until I’m sure everything I need to do will work on the new one. 


Old NFO said...

It's going to take a bit... But you'll get there!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Anything that involves reading instructions..........

LSP said...

Excellent, a refurbed laptop! That's the way I go, always. Cheaper and just as good, pretty much.

Word to the wise: When it gives out, being modern tech built in obsolescence rubbish, SHOOT IT.

I shoot my old old cell phones too, feels good.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I need to go to the storage shed and pull out all the old computers and laptops then find somewhere to recycle them.