Thursday, November 14, 2019

Don't Do The Crime. You Will Do The Time.

The community and area I live in is still old school when it comes to violent crime.

The sheriff is a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment and is of the Peace Officer mentality rather than a “Cop”. He won’t put up with unprofessional behavior.

The City Chief is of the same mind. Be a professional, or be gone.

The local rag does take community safety seriously.

They catch flak from the local (P)regressives. We are home to a teachers college, excuse me, university.

So far the Denver and Adams County rot hasn’t spread to us.


LL said...

It's possible to hold back the tide of insanity, but you need to cut off immigration from insane states.

Old NFO said...

Nice to see that there is SOME sanity in Colorado... And agree with LL... sigh

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Agree. In these cases we are dealing with 1st and 2nd generation citizens.

Some sanity but we had a Greeley police officer wounded last night and the possible doer dead. Details probably won't be available until tomorrow.

drjim said...

In Long Beach, when I heard gunfire in the distance my pulse went up and I started to sweat.

Out here, I wonder how practice is going.....