Saturday, February 18, 2017

The King Close

No more politics.  For today only.

A young man I occasionally mentor was discussing ways to close a sale. Wanted an example so I told him the King and Bunny story.

Renton, WA once had an appliance story, “King and Bunny’s” owned by, strangely enough, by King and Bunny.

I needed to replace our kitchen stove, a cheap builder’s special that was a P.O.S. and an ongoing irritant to the S.O.

King had me landed on a replacement. I was being awkward and negotiating the lowest possible price.

King. “I’m only making $20 now! Can I at least go home tonight and tell Bunny I made us $20?"

Shortly, the range was in the back of my pickup. I had no idea I could be shamed so easily.

As a habit, I try to poke fun at myself because I am too intense and focused. My sister calls it over thinking. That also explains my blog title.

When everyone is laughing at you, join the laughter.

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