Friday, February 10, 2017


Enroute back to the home base after a good grandkid fix. Hadn't seen them since they were at Ft. Carson when my son was being discharged. Being children, they have grown, shockingly so.

Their relocation to upstate South Carolina was (1) a better climate for my son's injuries and (2) a promised EMT job with someone he served with.

They found a nice 4 bedroom home with a swimming pool well within their means located in a nice neighborhood.
The local schools are among the best public schools in the state.

They have the usual family issues, school grades, etc. Does my heart good to see how well they are coping with life.

When my son was 16 he and I had a disagreement. He picked up a dining room chair and swung it. It didn't end well for him. The chair did break on my hard head. Fast forward to my visit. I'm sitting my over weight body on a dining room chair.

I accused him of waiting all these years to get even.

The parent in me hates to see my child dealing with the medical issues that led to his medical discharge. The father in me swells with pride watching this gutsy and courageous man keeping on keeping on. No, don't say the apple didn't fall far from the tree. I doubt I could do it.

Life isn't fair. The Army lost one of the best of the best, someone who stills wants to serve, while REMFs and Blue Falcon candidates stay in. Shit!

Certainly I can't let this much time elapse until I see them again.

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