Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Pikes Peak Cog Railroad

 We rode yesterday, courtesy of my sister, who planned it for my birthday. Medical complications required two postponements but it finally went down.

Rather than a long written narrative, I will post pictures.

The cog railroad website is here.


 Manitou Springs is interesting on its own.

The approach to the terminal and the parking can be daunting.




I’ve driven to the top many times but not in recent years. The road is now paved all the way. It is closed in the winter but the cog railroad now runs year around excepting Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanks, Sisty!


Anonymous said...

We drove up Pike's Peak middle of May - it started snowing so hard we didn't quite make it to the top before we turned back around.

LL said...

That looks cool and it's on the list for when you don't have to diaper your face.

I've never driven up the Peak but the train looks like so much more fun.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Emperor Polis and the Boulder trust fund snots are behind the mask b.s. Most people on the train had them pulled down. Driving up the road now that it is paved should be enjoyable. Driving back down might get "interesting".

Snow is a year around occurrence over 12,000'.

Anonymous said...

There is a hair pin curve on the highway at about 13,000 ft, where the cog rail goes past the apex of the curve. On the race up Pikes Peak drivers take that turn at 55+ MPH. Something to see and imagine! Many rimes on the cog, below tree line you may see mountain lions sunning on the rocks as well. Used to live in Denver, and Pikes Peak was a mandatory excursion when folks visited; drove it many times, only took the cog once.

drjim said...

We went there the first time we were out here. You're 100% correct about getting into the parking areas. Switchbacks and city alleys were what I remember, other than the fact I'd thought my GPS lost it's brains.

It's truly spectacular from the summit. You'd need a large-format camera to even get 1/10th the majesty you see.

Got off the train, took three or four steps, and instantly realized why the garb rails were that distance from the platform! Glad I bought some canned O2 in the gift shop before we began the ascent.

My son is itching to drive up there, and I'm thankful he's a competent driver who doesn't screw around.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Old joke among the residents of places like Manitou, Central City, Creede, etc., is you need a four wheel drive vehicle to get around in the winter, and to find a parking space in the summer.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Anon II
Early 1960's watched the hill climb from the Devil's playground several times. The road was all dirt then and a memory is watching Louie Unser in a 1963 Mercury coming into the first turn with the rear end hanging out into space.

The party scene the night before was "interesting" in the relative flat area where we could park.

Now that the road is paved one driver did the course in just under 8 minutes.

Sisty said...

WSF - You are more than welcome. It was an enjoyable day and you really did play nice with the tourists. I agree that we should do it in the winter.

Coffeypot said...

How long was the ride up and how was the breathing? I rode up in a car and almost got sick form walking around taking pics. I am a flatlander and foot hill kind of guy.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Since I rode down with you, if I wasn't nice to everyone.................

About an hour each way to travel 8.2 miles. You get another hour or so at the top.

This old mountain lad had some breathing issues and an elevated heartbeat. Surprised me.

Old NFO said...

Great pics, and looks like they've spruced things up a bit!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

They closed for a year and a half. All the cars are new and the tracks upgraded.

drjim said...

I knew they were replacing most of the track, but guess I forgot they were getting new cars, too!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The terminal is freshly painted. The conductor's patter included they are ready for the next 150 years.

LSP said...

Nice! Sorry about the weird face things though. Wish we had passenger rail here, it'd make life better.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Passenger rail in the USA, with the exception of some urban areas, isn't financially viable. Just getting to the station and finding parking is a hassle.