Monday, April 22, 2024

We Lack National Will


As a society we have gone from bold innovators to nay saying sheep, IMO. Prove me wrong, please!

Save the planet, end petroleum powered transportation.

One solution was proposed sixty seven years ago.


Imagine where we would be today if this type of technology were developed?

LL, Virtual Mirage has written about small modular nuclear reactors. Another beneficial technology not being developed due to lack of national will.


We aren’t going to all burn up. We are going to freeze.  A new climate change paper.


Amazing, coming from the University of Washington. Are they at war with the Oregon State University (one of the louder Chicken Littles)?

Changes, changes

I stopped at a 7-11 to pay my tax on people bad at math (loto). The person behind the counter was 6’ 200 lbs. Baritone voice, makeup, hair style feminine, wearing some sort of mesh bonnet and black colored clothing not traditional (lots of lace).

 My order was promptly and correctly processed. My change was correct. The cashier was polite and pleasant.

 Upon reflection, decided to file the encounter under life’s little surprises.


Until 1995 when I started using a CPAP, I was a horrible snorer. Once at Ft Leonard Wood I woke up outside. The other soldiers picked up my bunk with me in it, still asleep, and carried it outside, dead of winter.

 What Karma you ask? I have a dog that snores, loudly.

Wolves killing livestock. Tone deaf politicians respond.

Expected different?

A wolf encounter in Montana with a positive outcome.

Right response

Let’s not jump to conclusions.

The surge in “newcomers” plus those housing challenged doesn’t tie in with the surge of syphilis in Colorado, does it? 


Vaccine skeptic

Rather than kill you with a series of booster shots, science is developing a way to kill you with just one shot.


 Sorry, Scientist Hai, I have my suspicions. No shots for me.

Think I worked there back in the day

“An old dog teaching an old dog new tricks”.

A nieces’s comment on this Facebook post.

Spoiled rotten Treat hound.

A neighbor puts a special treat for Banner in the bicycle thing-a-ma-jig. I'm trying to limit treats and ignored one this morning. Banner had spotted it. For about an hour he kept bothering me until I gave up and got the &*^%$ treat for him. He is doing a good job of training me.

High cost of unreliable electric power

An interesting analysis of the economic costs of a recent, short term, interruption of electricity.


Granted this was in response to high winds whipping power lines and not a direct result of “green energy”. It is a foretaste of green energy unreliability.

The picture? I freeze a cup 2/3 full of water. One frozen, I place a quarter on top. If power is out for an extended period during my absence, the quarter sinks and alerts me my food is probably spoiled even if refrozen.

Hats and eating.

Law Dog has a post up regarding wearing a hat while eating. 


I don’t eat while wearing a hat. I’m simply not comfortable. Guess growing up I had proper fetching.

Surprise, surprise!

“Plant based meats” aren’t very nutritious compared to the real deal. If you care to know more it is here. 

Solyent Green

As always, YMMV


Wild, wild west said...

Used Cars, what a classic.

The beagle stole every scene he was in.

drjim said...

"National Will", or as we used to put it.....BALLS!
Geez, we found our way to the Moon, and now they can't find their way to the right bathroom?

Chrysler had the Turbine Cars, but don't think they looked into nuclear propulsion. And I agree with LL. Each County could run their own small reactor and tie it in to the existing grid, like they do now with peaking generators.

I've some decidedly feminine males here on the other side of the counter, too. They were all polite, efficient, and pleasant. Small surprises, indeed.

Luna doesn't snore nearly as loud as Pebbles did, thank God. There were a few times she woke us up!

Good to read the ranchers took one out. Good Hunting, boys!

Heaven help me if I ever came to the table with a hat on. And now days I take it off as soon as I sit down when we're out.

Old NFO said...

Yep, pebble bed nukes would work! Re the wolves...SSS

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I've made comments before about my crew meeting at my house after the mandatory Monday meeting. We had a large roofed patio. Grill steaks, eggs, etc. and Used Cars on the VCR/portable TV. I think at one time we all could recite every line. Good times!

BALLS! Exactly so, as Ivan would say.

There are few technical issues. There is a whole mountain range of bureaucratic obstacles.

Calverton said...

Biden's failure to condemn these college students as domestic terrorists is all Americans need to know. Vote for Trump no matter what!

Anonymous said...
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Salvatore said...

Those University Rioters that are threatening Jews should be rounded up, with the ones bragging that “THEY ARE HAMAS “ need to be deported if they’re want to be Hamas Terrorists, and jailed if they are American citizens, and any of the others need to be DEPORTED!
And RIGHT NOW, Before This Gets Any Worse!

The Debonair Dude said...

Enough of Biden’s Gaffes, Enough of laughing at his Goofy Mistakes, his Falling down, his screwing up his speeches. Enough of him getting to dance around this, or just saying “Don’t”. . Americans need to know if Biden supports or condemns destroying Israel? We need to hear him Condemning these Riots in our Universities, and the Anti-Semitism that is running wild at our Universities.

His failure to condemn these domestic terrorists is all Americans need to know
to elect Donald Trump to the Presidency on November. To Stop the INSANITY at oue border! And to Make America GREAT Again!