Saturday, April 6, 2024

Unapologetic Deplorable

 Ruining my social credit score

Meme swiped from Knuckledragger and reposted on FB. Instant reaction. False information gray out instantly. Click on the “why”, goes to a USA article and 30 seconds later AVG “blocked the threat” – URL blacklist.

Will this post cost me my cot by the stove in the reeducation camp? Will this useless eater even make it to the camp? 

Lipstick on a pig – EV Colorado 


EVs may, just may, make sense as commuter vehicles along Colorado’s Front Range. Anywhere else? You need an intervention, IMO.

Jowl Shaker

Disclaimer. I’m not a baseball fan but got caught up in a click bait that read,

Rockies introduce new menu items at Coors Field. Among the new offerings this season to distract fans from the on-field product”

Not going to link. I did read some of it and was amazed to find several vendors are offering burgers with ‘vegan’ cheeses of various types. No mention if the burgers are meat.

Dodged another bullet

Click bait involving pesticides and kale didn’t get read. I don’t eat the stuff.

Old West lives again – on the taxpayer’s dime

Seems the current wolves attacking livestock remedy is to hire range riders. In the old west range riders shot the damned things. Should you want to dive into this feel free.


 Personally, having a taste of range riding in my youth, I will say it is a hard, lonely and thankless job.

More Nanny State and race belittlement

There is ongoing effort to ban menthol tobacco products. ‘Studies’ show among blacks who smoke, 81% smoke menthol flavored tobacco. The message I get is,

 “Oh, you poor black people. You can’t make good decisions on your own so we will make them for you”.

As a heterosexual Caucasian male senior citizen, I’m not to have an opinion.

Seasonal disorder

This time of the year, should I use the sunscreen in my windshield or the windshield cover? Both, to be safe?

The trees are starting to bud. Too often we will get a wet spring snowstorm after the leaves are out and lots of branches get broken. A cousin in Boise experienced that a few days ago.

Banner’s new post COVID record

During the COVID lock down, in one day, seventeen people petted him. In a building of seniors, many who don’t/can’t drive and with few visitors, he was a godsend to many. Wednesday, eleven people petted him and four gave him treats. A few even spoke to me.

Banner gracefully accepts all the attention. When treats are in the offing he gets quite animated. The treat givers usually make him “sit”. That is a problem on tile floors as his butt slowly slides across the floor.

I supply the treats because I want to control what he eats. When questioned, I threaten to leave him and his flatulence in their apartment.

 As always, YMMV


Old NFO said...

I'll save you a bunk... Re the EVs, all good until some druggie steals the copper to hock it. Banner is your savior...LOL

drjim said...

I'm not sure who Schuyler is, but he's 100% correct.

EV's have their place and use. Our former nextdoor neighbor had a Nissan Leaf. He said it was good for about 90 miles on a charge. If he had to go to Denver, he made sure his stop was long enough to recharge his car.

I gave up watching baseball several years ago, when they went all woke. At least I got to see my beloved Cubs win the World Series.

You're supposed to serve kale well drizzled with olive oil. It makes it come off the plate easier when you scrape it into the garbage can.

Yeah, my jaw dropped when I heard of the new "Range Rider" empire being set up. I've also heard where they're finding a lot of collared wolves shot inside Wyoming. Go Wyo!

I have a good sunscreen, but I've never owned a windshield cover. I suppose I should toss a small tarp in the truck "just in case".

Yes, Banner is a Godsend to many of your neighbors, and you, too. I completely vet him as a Good Dog!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thanks for the offer for a bunk. With you and LL pulling for me, I might not sleep on the ground.

A good meme gets copied and passed around. I don't know who he is either.

Colorado need to establish a draft. Ardent environmentalists the first choice to be range riders.

Wild, wild west said...

Mrs. and I get into the college world series but that's about it. We've known a few guys made it as far as the minors and their experiences, plus the big bucks involved, soured us on perfessnul baze-ball.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

When my sons were growing up they were interested. Instead of the Seattle Mariners, inside the Kingdome, we watched the Tacoma Tigers AAA team. Free parking within sight of our seats and a whole fun evening for $40 or so. I'd give each a $10 bill for concessions and let them roam as they pleased. Usually they were ready to leave at the end of the game and were asleep minutes after on the drive home.I could usually find a seat two to three rows back between third base and home plate.

jeff d said...

The wolf article stipulated non lethal methodologies. I am guessing maybe the state will require all the cows to have bells. Works in Switzerland and against grizzly bears.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

jeff d
These ideas are from the same people who want to relocate prairie dogs to private land.

CrusaderFrank said...

Nancy Pelosi was part of other Democrats who sent a letter to President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken urging them to RECONSIDER the authorization of sending Weapons to Israel.
The letter, signed by over a dozen Democratic lawmakers, asked the Biden administration to WITHHOLD THE TRANSFERS OF ARMS TO ISRAEL .

It seems as if the Hamas wing of the Democrat Party's coalition of Hate is exerting its influence.
Sorry Israel, Hamas seems to be more important to the Democrats.
I hope that the Jews in America remember that when they vote

CrusaderFrank said...

Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor to the Biden Administration, stated on Monday, March 18th that the U.S. is considering stopping arms sales to Israel if they do not submit a report confirming that the Jewish state is complying with international law in their war against Hamas.

Dean Robenson said...

Shaw Kenawe said...

No. Voting to put a rapist and insurrectionist back in the WH would be the dumbest point in our history. Every intelligent person 🧍 know understands this. This country is not spending “all of the resources” to watch this event. Where are you getting your information from


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Remarks off topic are allowed as freedom of speech so long as they are signed. No anonymous remarks tolerated. Have the guts to signed your name.

Rambunctious said...

A Video that captured the EXTREMELY DISGUSTING, chants of "DEATH TO AMERICA" and "DEATH TO ISRAEL" by MOSTLY ALL of the attendees of a Dearborn HATE Rally that went viral over the past weekend, underscoring tensions over America’s. support for Israel's six-month-long BRUTAL assault against Hamas in Gaza, and that was stirred up, and provoke by Chuck Schymmer’s disgusting Speech last week, alsog with the Threats by Joe Biden and the Former “Speaker” or should I say :Stinker of the House Nancy Pelosi.
Did you know that American Muslims are Stoning Christians in Dearborn, Michigan ?
The annual pro-Palestinian event rally was held on the International Day of Al-Quds, held on the last Friday of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan to express support for Palestinians in their decades-old land dispute with the Jews ish people. Thousands of People gathered in front of the Henry Ford Centennial Library on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn, Michigan holding Palestinian flags and yellow signs that read “ Death to America, Death to Israel” "Money for Jobs and Education, Not for Israel's Occupation." They chanted in unison, "Free, Free Palestine" and "End the Occupation Now.
The event was organized by Tarek Bazzi, a local activist, who spoke out against what he called Israel's "Satanic Actions" and "the United States government providing funds that allow the atrocities." In his OUTRAGEOUS speech, Bazzi decried continued U.S. support for Israel and called for Condemnation of America's role. "Any system that would allow such devilries to happen and would support it does not deserve to exist on God's Earth," he said of the U.S. "So when these fools ask if Israel has a right to exist, the chant 'Death to Israel' has become the most logical chant shouted across the world today.".
This is what the Biden Administration has brought to America! These are the ANIMALS that we are throwing our money to. And allowing to Vote in OUR elections!
Why didn’t anyone know that we should have expected violence and mob mentality to come from a large angry gathering of brainwashed religious zealots who think theirs is the ONLY religion to be allowed.?

Why is the United States so reluctant to call out Terrorists and Terrorist Sympathizers? What good will these people EVER bring to America? NONE is the answer!
The Democrats have fallen prey to international communism and the concept of continual revolution until communism is achieved--no matter how many people must suffer and die for the perfection of humanity.

And why is it that all these in Congress know how Israel should maintain THEIR Borders and how Israel should protect itself BUT SAY NOTHING ABOUT OUR OPEN BORDER AND HOW WE NEED TO PROTECT OURSELVES? Why are they funding the Terrorists in Iran who killed American Soldiers, and promise to continue killing them? Are WE THAT INSANE that we continue to tolerate this Disgusting thing in our own Country? Why do we accept this kind of behavior ?
Where is the United States that I used to know, that would never allow this disguising Crap ?

Peter said...

The Democratic Party Is the Following.
The Party that fought to keep blacks in slavery…
The Party that created the KKK …
The Party that created Jim Crow….
The Party that opposed Civil Rights…
The President who advocated bussing…
The President who promised to be the ‘Great Uniter’
The President who called blacks Predators

Are now belittling / insulting the historic march in Selma by the President of these United States of America FALSELY claiming that he marched with Dr. Martin Luthir King , and comparing a bunch of cowardly Democrat party members from Texas fleeing their state, their responsibility, and the ‘consequences of elections’ to oppose legislation that makes voting in Texas more secure than voting in the president’s state of Delaware and makes it harder to perpetrate election fraud….

The Black community should be INCENSED by this racially insulting political theater meant to Divide this Nation Even Further, this pathetic attempt to manipulate blacks along with other Americans by proving they have no idea what the marches in Selma really meant / means.

Good grief! President Biden is a racist, and a pathological liar, and both President Biden and Kamala Harris are not only weak, and cowedly, but Shameless Racist Manipulators and Con Artists.
Does this sound familiar? The people in Cuba begin to protest their government because of shortages and long lines and a failing economy, etc.
riot in our streets and beat up Asians, Jews and the Elderly for NO Reason? Why are they burning down the Cities where they live? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??
It’S beginning to look as if’s just a pure Domestic Terrorist group that has a free license to do whatever they want to, without any repercussions what so ever. In fact we see our own Politicians Bailing them out IF they are even caught and arrested!

Either that or there is some other hidden way the US is blamed for destroying Cuba
While Protesters in America are Burning the America Flag, the Flag that is the a symbol of freedom, and liberty, the Flag that every real American loves but often takes for granted. Today’s Protestors in Cuba: are flying, and waving the American Flag and are even putting their lives on the line willing to die for the freedom, liberty, & justice that the American Flag represents. Those anti-American IMBECILES at the Olympics in Japan could learn a lesson from these Freedom Hungry Cubans.
These stupid, Anti-American Moon Bats think that it’s “COOL” to turn their backs, or to “Take a Knee” during the playing of Our National Anthem, because THEY ARE OPPRESSED! Their so “Oppressed” that they are living in Million dollar homes and drive Exotic Cars. While signing MULTI MILLION dollar contracts to throw a ball around!
And the only response from Joey Biden is that he condemns any violence. There is no support for any of these people who are willing to die for their Freedom as our Delusional President basically ignores what is gong on there.. Are we now seeing the very same thing happening in Israel?

The Debonair Dude said...
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