Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Good Man Is Gone

Former State Senate Majority Leader (CO) Ken Gordon has passed away at age 63 from a heart attack. An unabashedly liberal Democrat, he was fiercely independent and a man of high principals. In some ways, he was a Don Quixote politician refusing to accept PAC monies and fighting to take big money out of politics. The organization he headed was Clean Slate Now.


He was admired and respected by people across the political spectrum.


Had the jackasses who recently got themselves recalled modeled themselves after the way Ken Gordon served in the Legislature, they would still be in office. When he became Senate Majority Leader, he refused to let his fellow Democrats drub the GOP legislators. "They did it to us, " they said to him. "Yes they did, and it was wrong. We don't need to be that way." He mentored the new House Majority leader to lead the same way. 

He could disagree without being disagreeable. He accepted other people had different views and worked to find common ground. Too few moral people go into politics. The country needs more Ken Gordons.

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