Monday, December 9, 2013

Tired of Being Called a Racist

I’m so tired of being called a racist when I criticize Obama. Why does he get a pass because of his skin color? How racist is it to think, or say, someone’s performance can’t be discussed because of their race; that they are somehow inferior and need to be protected? That they are judged by a lesser standard? That is plain bullshit!

Any long term readers of this blog (boy, are you a glutton for punishment) know I criticized George W. Bush. His assault on the Constitution by way of his “signing statements” was as wrong as Obama’s trying to rule by fiat.  The economic mess created by removing the firewall between commercial and investment banks continue to drag us down. The end game on that is financial ruin for the common citizen.

Methinks the Obama supporters are beginning to sense the disaster that his administration is proving to be, and they can’t stand the idea they were duped. It’s time for that Egyptian River.

Now, when they play their race card, my response, mentally or verbally, is, “Is that all you got?”

Am I a racist? Most assuredly, I have some deep seated racist thoughts and feelings. I can say I have never discriminated against anyone in the workplace based on their skin color, ethnic makeup, religion or sex.  Socially? I hope not. I do reserve the option of treating assholes like assholes, and do so with some vigor.
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