Saturday, October 26, 2013

Democratic National Committee Running Scared?

As a long time Blue Dog Democrat I have yet to tell the Democratic National Committee to pack sand. Hence, I’m still on their mailing list. Don’t know why, haven’t given them any money in years.  They recently sent a mailing piece. It was an oversized legal style envelope with, in the upper left corner, large font, PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA.  Centered on the envelope were the words Do you still have my back? Below that in small letters my name and address. The contents are shown here, should you have the stomach to read them.

To me, this letter reeks of fear. Of course, that is a motivator in many a fund raising letter, and stump speech, but this seems more strident than usual.

Since they enclosed a prepaid envelope, I will send it back empty and without the stamp.

The small gift mentioned in the P.S. will find a home on the bumper of someone I dislike. Yes, I’m mean and petty that way.

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