Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mean Pleasure

Rev. Paul posted about his youngest getting her driver’s license. http://www.mooseintheyard.com/2013/09/stay-off-sidewalks.html

That brings back memories. My oldest can’t drive. The middle and youngest learned to drive in a 1979 Subaru Station Wagon. Some of my fondest memories are of teaching them to drive on the back roads of the Pacific Northwest.

The youngest got his license first. He is a natural. The middle son struggled. His mother, living out of state, told him he would never be able to get a license. Way to go Mom, build his self esteem. Grrr!

I bought another “vintage” Subaru Wagon with an automatic transmission. Middle son spent hours in front of our house practicing parallel parking; what he failed on his first attempt to pass the driver’s test. In addition, used my demo, on days off, to take two to three hundred mile road trips with him driving to build confidence. On his next try, he passed.

I then took a few Polaroid pictures of him standing by his Subaru holding his newly minted drivers license.

I took exceptional mean pleasure in mailing the ex one of the pictures. No note, no explanation; just the picture. Yes, I’m of low and vicious character.

This post is mainly for family members. Others may like it.

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