Sunday, November 24, 2013

Change? One Can Hope

Are the winds of change blowing? What follows is a meandering political rant. You have been warned.

Looking for political trends in Colorado is, for me, frustrating. I’ve been consistently wrong. Still, I see some hope.

The political status quo got blindsided by the Colorado Model. Four trust fund babies funded it, and it has been tremendously effective. A good explanation of it is.

Starting with this political Pearl Harbor, the “Progressives” got control of both chambers of the State House, the Governorship, and both US Senate seats. Using their power, they have forced passage of many of their pet protects including “gun control” and renewable energy.

All of this has generated a grass roots pushback. A good summation is in a recent Michelle Malkin column.

The Progressive whine against recall elections seems centered on the meme that regular elections only should be used to remove legislators.

Much has been written about the 51st State initiative. One ultra liberal high school classmate (Class of 1961), retired teacher, and Boulder resident (where else?) called it a,

“Rural temper tantrum against a majority opinion”.

Seems she has forgotten our system of government is designed to protect minorities, of all kinds and beliefs, from the tyranny of majorities. Seemly, she has forgotten her ranch raised roots. It does seem some politicians are hearing a message. Governor Wishywashy is making conciliatory noises. Individual Democrats planning campaigns are finding a chilling climate among rural Democrats. Local party officials (Committee men/women, Treasurers, Precinct leaders, etc.) are not welcoming their visits nor willing to drive them around and make introductions to local mover and shakers. My few contacts among the GOP types are telling the same story.

An interesting trend is the pushback against the Common Core education collectivists. Some of the strongest pushback are in “liberal soccer mom” districts. Again, Michelle Malkin.

With my move, I’m now in a different county and different Congressional district. One immediate benefit is this county’s sheriff is CCL friendly so will go ahead and get one. Will start doing legally what I’ve been doing illegally for years. While Colorado is a “will issue” state, a sheriff can still make it damn difficult.

Should you have made it this far, thank you for your interest and patience.

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