Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Anger Management

Coffeypot has a funny post on, “Reasons I Was Sent to Sensitivity Training” at

Brings to mind a past experience.

Going over my commission settlement statement, I found an A/R for $526.00. Went to my boss.

“Dan, how come I have this $526.00 deduct on my washout check?”

“Rich (the owner) thinks you need Anger Management classes,” Dan replied. “That is the cost of the classes.”

About three weeks later Rich comes up to me. “Tank,” says he, “When are you going to your Anger Management classes?”

“Shit, Rich,” was my reply. “I thought I had to pay for the classes. I didn’t know I had to attend them.”

His response wasn’t positive. He went storming off waving his arms and making noises.

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Pick up one asshole and toss him in a dumpster, and suddenly people think you have an anger problem. To be fair to Rich, there may have been other incidental incidents where feathers were ruffled.

Never did go to the classes. 


Scotty said...

Good one! In all my years of truck driving, I was never required to go to "sensitivity" training! But, I haven't been in a rig for well over 16 or years. I wonder if it has filtered to that industry yet....would it mean that all those truckers I used to listen to on the CB looking for a "lot lizard" would have to cease???

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Lots of woman, and lots of immigrants driving the big rigs now. GPS tracking, in cab video recorders, etc. are common with the big operators. The independents? Might as well try to herd cats. There will always be lot lizards I suspect.

Ami said...

I have a list of assholes that need to be picked up and tossed into dumpsters. Does that mean I'm insensitive?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Insensitive? No. Not wanting to see them where they belong would indicate indifference.

Old NFO said...

Did you ever get the $$ back? Probably not... And sounded like the boss could use some 'anger management' himself... :-)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

No, on the money. That was a merciless selling machine type of place. We called the owner Snidley Whiplash. My boss fired anyone on his crew that didn't make $4,000 a month minimum. We had more than one former professional athlete that couldn't survive there.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, I'm betting it wasn't a lot of fun... And that would be a place I'd never set foot in!!!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Amazing the high educational level of the majority of customers. Their underlying motivation was greed fueled by very focused advertising. Really, you are going to outsmart hardcore professionals? Don't care if you are a Boeing Engineer or System Analysts, I'll win nine times out of ten.

There were a lot of people who would never come into any of our nine stores because of the way we did business. Don't blame them.